Anime News Recap | February 2020

love live 9th anniversary

Here’s a recap of some of the latest anime news in February 2020!


1.Stein Gates gets Hollywood live-action TV adaptation

steins gate
The TV series is being produced at Skydance Media, which has produced Netflix series’ Altered Carbon and Grace and Frankie. The series will have a “worldwide distribution.”.

A release date is yet to be announced.


2. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime to air in fall 2020

rimuru tempest
It was announced that the second season of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime TV anime series would air in Fall 2020.
Studio 8-bit and entire cast is returning for the second season.

3. Netflix announces live-action series of One Piece

one piece live action

Original manga author Eiichiro Oda revealed that he will be overseeing the production of Netflix live action series of his giant hit manga One Piece.

It will start with a 10-episode first season with Steven Maeda (Lost, The X-Files) as showrunner/executive producer.

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4 New Love Live TV announced


5. Attack on Titan to reveal season 4 details in March

image 3

While, everyone is waiting for the name of the studio working on the last season. The series has revealed the official logo of season 4.


6. Bleach creator’s new work to be announced in March.

image 2


7.  The Quintessential Quintuplets hits 10 million copies! 

quintessential quintuplets anime

The manga series hits a huge milestone for a harem rom-com manga as it is about to wrap up its final arc.

8. New Death Note. Oneshot to debut in English for free.

death note ryuk
The one-shot—which adds up to 87 pages from original writer and illustrator team Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata—you’ll soon be able to read it in English for free through the official source.
The English Shonen Jump announced plans to debut the one-shot on Monday, so we’re just a few days away from finding out what happens when Ryuk’s Death Note falls to Earth once more.

Stay tuned for more every week!


This news-recap is thanks to Sajal Pratap Singh.



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