Top 15 Anime Manufacturers Who Sell Figures and Merchandise

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If you’re just starting out as an Anime collector, you won’t be familiar with this list yet. And that’s OK.

When you’re shopping for Anime figures, PVC Statues, Nendoroid or Anime merch, it’s a smart thing to know who manufactured it.

Or else you’ll end up dealing with a fake or counterfeit Anime product. And unfortunately, there are tons of counterfeit Anime products being sold to the public. On sites like eBay and Alibaba.

Which benefits nobody and only hurts the Anime industry.

That being said, these are the top 15 manufacturers of Anime merchandise and figures. And you can expect to come across them frequently as an Anime collector.


1. Good Smile Company

good smile company figures

Founded in 2001, Good Smile Company has been manufacturing Anime goods for 16 years. Good smile is based in Tokyo, Japan.

One of the products they’re most known for are Nendoroid action figures, figma and PVC Statues.


4580590124936 figure nadia nadia the secret of blue water nendoroid primary

If there’s a Nendoroid figure on your wishlist, it’s a safe bet that Good Smile is the manufacturer behind it.

At least in a lot of cases. And they’re popular across social media, too.

Anime Manufacturers Who Sell Figures and Merchandise

148,000+ likes on Facebook should tell you how well known they are in the Anime merchandise community.

If you’re a fan of Nendoroid‘s, Good Smile’s got your back!


2. Megahouse

Megahouse Figures

Similar to Good Smile Company, Megahouse works on Nendoroid‘s, as well as PVC Statues and action figures.


4580779511045 figure nezuko kamado demon form advancing ver demon slayer figurizm prize primary

Megahouse is operated under Bandai, and they also work with Good Smile on many of their products.

They’re well-known in the Anime collectables community and create high-quality figures consistently.


3. Kotobukiya

kotobukiya figures

With over 150,000+ likes on their Facebook page, Kotobukiya is a well known Japanese manufacturer of figures and toys.


shiro no game no life statue kotobukiya

Would you believe the company first started as early as the year 1947!

A man named Jusaburo Shimizu founded Kotobukiya in the early days.

Kotobukiya models and creates figures from the Anime community and Marvel and DC characters. And the quality of their figures never disappoints.


4. Max Factory

Max Factory Figures

Founded April 24th, 1987. Max Factory is an Anime manufacturer of action figures, figma‘s and statues.


4545784043059 Figure Tsukasa Yuzaki Tonikawa Over The Moon For You Pop Up Parade Primary

Max Factory, like Megahouse, has business connections with the likes of Good Smile Company, Hobby Japan and others.

They’re also based in Tokyo, Japan, like many other Anime merch and toys manufacturers.


5. Alter

alter anime figures

Founded March 1st 2005, Alter is a manufacturer of Anime figures and toys.

And have been in business for over 12 years now (as of 2017).

A lot of Alter’s toys are PVC Statues, taken from Anime’s like Idolmaster, Love Live, Hyperdimension Neptunia + others.


4560228206449 figure shinobu kocho butterfly ver demon slayer primary

Alter’s a great company to look out for when buying officially licensed Anime figures.


6. Banpresto

banpresto merchandise

Founded 40 years ago in 1977, Banpresto specializes in the video game industry. Creating figurines and toys.

But it also sells Anime figures from shows like Dragon Ball Z.


4983164181821 figure yuji itadori jukon no kata ver jujutsu kaisen prize primary

Banpresto merged with Bandai in April 2011, and is now run under their brand.


7. Phat!

phat company figures

Phat is an Anime figure manufacturer, first established in 2007. Just 10 years ago today!

They’re known for really high quality PVC Statues and figurines—many taken from female Anime characters from various shows.


4560308575809 Figure Emilico Shadows House Primary


Phat! is based in Tokyo, Japan. Like other Anime manufacturers on this list.


8. Bioworld

bioworld products

Unlike others on this list, Bioworld specializes only in Anime merchandise as a manufacturer of goods.

Anything from baseball caps, hats, Pokemon Jumpers, scarfs, and clothing.


699858613335 merchandise hero association insignia one punch man wallet primary

According to Bioworld’s LinkedIn, they founded Bioworld in 1999.

And have warehouses all over the world from the UK, US, India and more.


9. FREEing

freeing figures

While not as big as others on this list, FREEing manufactures some really great figurines and statues.

From Anime characters like Ryuko Matoi, Miho Nishizumi, and other female/male characters.


4570001510304 figure taiga aisaka bunny ver toradora primary

FREEing was founded in 2006, and been making cool Anime figures ever since!


10. Orange Rouge

Orange Rouge Figures

Orange Rouge is a brand dedicated to Male Anime characters. And that’s what separates them from other Anime manufacturers on this list.

Good Smile Company and Max Factory created orange rouge to fill the Male character-gap.


Examples of figurines Orange Rouge creates:

4580590124868 figure momo idolish7 nendoroid primary

So when you want male Anime characters as a collector, Orange Rouge is your best bet. As that’s their core focus, and they don’t disappoint!


11. Ques Q

Ques Q Figures

Founded back in March 2004, Ques Q deals with figurines and quality statues. From characters like Darjeeling, God Hand Aogiri, Alice Cartelet and other top-notch products.


4560393842244 Figure Asuna Dressing Ver Sword Art Online Primary

Ques Q manufactures a unique set of figurines you won’t find with any other Anime manufacturer. Making them a go-to manufacturer when you’re shopping for Anime figures.


12. Stronger

Stronger Figures

Stronger haven’t been around as long as you’d think. The Anime manufacturer was founded in 2014, February.

And have gained respect in the Anime community for their high quality figures and statues. From characters like Mami Tomoe, Homura Akemi, Tsumugi Kotobuki and more.


4942330153512 figure lena greetings ver 86 eighty six primary

Stronger is another Japanese anime manufacturer who’s based in Tokyo, Japan.

Stronger should be on your list if you want something different and are into PVC Statues!


13. Aniplex

Aniplex Figures

Aniplex hardly needs an introduction.

They’re a massive Anime brand that makes figurines and is the company behind shows like Asterisk War, Full Metal Alchemist and God Eater.

Not to mention shows like Charlotte, the new SAO Movie, Your Lie in April… And the list goes on.

Figurine example:

4534530880710 Figure Avenger Jeanne Darc Alter Festival Portrait Ver Fate Grand Order Figure Primary

When shopping for official merchandise and figurines, you can rest assured when buying Aniplex products.


14. Bandai Namco Arts

bandai namco

Nekowear sells officially licensed Anime merchandise and clothing. From your favorite shows like – Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan.


4934569942500 figure kusaka kabane kemono jihen primary

Nekowear is based in Europe. Or to be more specific – France.

Which separates them from the usual manufacturers who are based in Japan.


15. Pulchra

Pulchra Figures

Pulchra is the Anime manufacturer behind figures like Kurumi Tokisaki, Darjeeling, Super Sonico and Cocoa.


4571498441584 figure chie masami original character primary

Pulchra is a Japanese Anime manufacturer focused on figurines exclusively.


Other official Anime merchandise manufacturers:

  • Broccoli.
  • Union Creative.
  • Medicom Toys.
  • NAPO.
  • Aqua Marine.
  • Amakuni.
  • Bandai.
  • Tomy.
  • Flare.
  • Chara-Ani.
  • Bellfine.
  • Di Molto Bene.
  • ThreeZero.
  • Griffon Enterprises.
  • Plum.
  • Orca Toys.
  • Medicos Entertainment.

Of course, the full list of Anime manufacturers is too large to fit into a post. But these are some of the best who manufacture official Anime merchandise and figures.

And when new figures or merch is released, you can bet one of these companies is behind the product.



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