New Study Says Anime Manga Piracy Is ON THE RISE With No Signs Of Slowing Down |
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New Study Says Anime Manga Piracy Is ON THE RISE With No Signs Of Slowing Down

Piracy, whether we’re talking about:

  • Anime.
  • Manga.
  • Light novels.

Or the whole industry in general is a common topic here at Anime Motivation. Because it’s something the industry has been struggling with and fighting for a long time now.

The industry’s usual method of dealing with it is:

  • Cease and desist letters.
  • Suing websites.
  • Trying to imprison culprits.
  • Charging copyright abusers.

But none of that works and the industry is learning the hard way by wasting its resources on the wrong shit.

The latest study on anime/manga piracy only makes this point louder and clearer in 2022.


30% increase in visits to pirate sites

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“New data shared by tracking company MUSO shows that the number of visits to pirate sites has increased by nearly 30% compared to last year. The publishing category is growing particularly hard, mostly driven by manga piracy. The United States continues to harbor the most pirates in absolute numbers.”

MUSO is actually a UK based piracy tracking company.

This data focuses on countries around the world as far as manga or anime piracy, but the USA ironically has the highest numbers of pirates.

I use the word “Ironic” because the USA has more access to streaming services and TV shows, especially with anime than other countries like the UK, India, Philippines, and so on.

That doesn’t seem to be the reason people are pirating in the USA though (at the highest rates).

“During the first quarter of 2022, pirate site visits increased by more than 29% compared to a year earlier, which is good for a dazzling 52.5 billion visits.

Nearly half of this traffic (48%) goes to TV-related content. The publishing category takes second spot with 27%, followed by the film (12%), music (7%), and software (6%) categories.”

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As pointed out by Torrent Freak:

The strong growth in the publishing category is largely driven by manga, comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. Some of the pirate sites dedicated to this ‘niche’, such as, attract well over 100 million ‘visits’ per month. That’s more than iconic pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay and”


Top 15 countries rampant with piracy (driven by manga)

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  1. USA.
  2. Russia.
  3. India.
  4. China.
  5. France.
  6. Brazil.
  7. Canada.
  8. Japan.
  9. UK.
  10. Indonesia.
  11. Turkey.
  12. Mexico.
  13. Vietnam.
  14. Ukraine.
  15. Germany.

Unsurprisingly to me the UK is on this list at 9, with India at  3, and Russia surprisingly at #2. Generally speaking the rest of the list isn’t surprising through I wonder why Philippines isn’t on the list.

MUSO, the company behind the data thinks this is all down to the fact people are tired f having to use multiple services to stream anime, manga, or content in general.

It’s a fact that usually you need multiple services to watch shows, though this has changed now Crunchyroll essentially owns the market. But still, they have their own issues (region block) so piracy continues.

Crunchyroll also decided to kill their ad supported streaming so that’s another nail in the coffin which motivates fans to use PIRATE SITES overall.

The war continues.


Japan To Launch International Anti Piracy Organization To SHUTDOWN Anime Piracy

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