9+ Comparable Anime Shows Like Yuri Is My Job (Recommended)

yuri is my job anime 2023

Yuri Is My Job is an anime series that started airing on April 6th 2023. The anime seems like a Yuri at first, but that’s a play on its themes.

Hime, the main blonde female character wants to marry into a rich family and find herself a rich husband. But on the surface, she acts cute, pretends to be modest, and meets the expectations of those who praise and pedestalize her.

After accidentally knocking someone over in the street, and ending up working for a cafe where each employee entertains guests by playing fictional shoujo characters in real-time, she finds herself in a situation she can’t get out of so easily.

And that is where the “Yuri” part of the title comes into play, no pun intended.

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Here’s a list of anime shows like Yuri Is My Job you should consider.


1. Is The Order A Rabbit?

Is The Order A Rabbit chino cocoa

In this anime, the characters are named after food, drinks, or similar items you might find in a shop or cafe. The main female character is called Chino Kafuu for example.

Her eventual friend from another cafe is called Cocoa,  a play on the word meaning chocolate.

Others are called Chiya, which could be a play on chia seeds.

The anime’s focus besides the cafe is school, extremely wholesome and lighthearted episodes, plus “cutesy” comedy that will mellow you out and help you relax.


2. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You yuu koita and touko

Yuu Koito is the main female character of the series. A seemingly straight girl who has never taken interest in other boys (or girls). She does follows her own path and has no interest in romance as if she’s asexual.

This changes when the student council president falls for her. That student council president’s name is Touko Nanami. 

She’s a lesbian in secret, like many others in this series, who do it on the down low.

The anime is clean and doesn’t take it to the level of lewd you might see in other shows.

It’s well crafted, written, and is a surprisingly good Yuri series that blew past all my expectations.


3. Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri comedy

Influenced by K-On, Yuru Yuri is an anime series that embodies the Moe style of anime. It was released back in 2012.

As the name implies, this anime does play around with the Yuri concept, and also other ideas relating to inuendos, and subtle fanservice if you can call it that.

So it’s not as pure as K-On, but it does have crossover vibes with Yuri Is My Job.


4. Working!!

Working anime cute series

Made back in 2010 with only 13 episodes, Popura, the name of the main female character is self-conscious about her height. She’s smol, and the type to be head patted by others who are taller.

She’s also the stereotypically cutest character of the series.

Popura works alongside others in a cafe as they work in the kitchen, talk it out, make money, discuss their issues, and do dumb or silly things that makes up the anime’s comedy when the time is right.

A classic slice of life show.


5. Comic Girls

Comic Girls art cute

The cute pink-eyed female character (protagonist) is called Moeta, which is a play on the moe of this anime series. It’s another “cute girls doing cute things” style of anime.

The plot here is about girls who are manga artists or aspiring manga artists. All of them have their own editors so it’s the real deal. But some are at different levels compared to others on the journey.

Moeta joins a dorm and lives with other girls, upping her skills bit by bit, as well as her self-confidence.

you could say Moeta is similar to Hime from Yuri Is My Job except she’s a lot more pure, modest, and genuine.


6. New Game!

New Game cute moments ep 1 e1680804847380

Aoba Suzukaze is the new employee at Eagle Jump, a gaming company that she’s fond of and even bought the company’s games as a kid.

Now she’s living out her dreams, working on games she loves, slowly but surely, while getting to know other employees, some of which are shy and introverted like Hifume Takimoto.

Aoba is honest, but can be awkward, and lacks self esteem somewhat, but is determined and dedicated. Her balance of traits makes her character entertaining to watch.

This is one of the few anime that focuses on the gaming industry from a female point of view.


7. Blend S

Blend S dino maika

Maika is the new employee working in a cafe, and not just any bland cafe, but one where the female customers berate, insult, diss, and take the piss out of their customers for their pleasure.

Some male customers come to the cafe for the girl who plays Tsundere, or in Maika’s case, the sadistic character they seem to think she is when she tries to smile and overdo it.

Dino is the manager of the cafe and a major part of the anime’s comedy or otherwise wholesome episodes.

How the cafe is run is similar to what you see in Yuri Is My Job, seeing how it’s not an ordinary cafe by any stretch of the imagination.


8. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid season 2 anime

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a wholesome slice of life series from Kyoto Animation, with 2 seasons strong. Both of which are solid shows with major, memorable highlights.

Tohru the dragon voluntarily works for Kobayashi, for free, by living with her and helping around the house.

Better yet, she dresses like an actual maid (where the title comes from).

She’s grateful to Kobayashi for saving her life somewhat when she was damaged, drunk, and wounded in her dragon form.

There are clear crossovers between this series and Yuri Is My Job. The Yuri vibes are there, only it’s not a Yuri series.


9. Nekopara

Nekopara anime cat girls

This anime series is about a bunch of cute girls who are cats. Tails and all, Many are named after foods, like Chocola, Coconut, and so on.

When this anime first aired there was some slight controversy and back and forth about the series’ use of, we’ll say, fanservice of sorts.

A type of cute girls doing cute things while working in a cafe or place of business.


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