7+ Anime Shows Like The Great Jahy Sama Will Not Be Defeated!

jahy sama cute anime art

Jahy Sama, or The Great Jahy Sama Will NOT Be Defeated (long title).

It’s been an anticipated anime for some months now. Even longer.

You can think of the plot and story like… In fact we’ll get into that in a minute.

Powerful demons, magical girls, and a down-sized main character is the running theme. And Jahy Sama’s struggle to return to her normal life.


Here’s the best anime just like it:


1. The Demon Girl Next Door

The Demon Girl Next Door yuko and momo funny scene

The Demon Girl Next Door is a bit of a twist on magical girl anime. It’s been a while since the genre hasn’t done much for years.

Yuuko, the MC, finds out she’s connected to the demon race. And it’s her supposed goal to fight magical girls.

This turns into a parody as she ends up befriending the magical girl she runs into, who would usually destroy her on the spot.

Without adding spoilers, there’s similarities with the anime‘s approach to comedy and character writing.

Jahy Sama fans will appreciate the humor and unique slice of life elements this anime has, with other themes wrapped into it.

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2. Squid Girl

Squid Girl headpat blush

This is an anime series you’ll barely hear about these days. It’s one of the more original comedy anime as far as themes and style.

Just like Jahy Sama, Squid Girl is powerful, originally. She comes to the surface to take over the planet.

In a similar parody setting, that doesn’t pan out and she ends up befriending humans and working with them at The Lemon Beach House by the sea.

With about 2 seasons, plenty of OVA’S and so on, there’s a lot of content to get through.

The dialogue is fresh with the humor being underrated and underappreciated.

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3. The Devil Is A Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer sadao maou cooking

This is a classic comedy/slice of life series and its finally getting a 2nd season.

Probably in 2022.

Satan himself is chased out of his world after Hero Emilia attempts to kill him. They both end up in the human world of Tokyo.

After losing most of his powers, he’s forced to get a passport, becoming part of Japanese society, and works at a fake Mc Donalds to pay the bills.

Similar to other anime on this list, the comedy is creative, fresh, and most of all: underrated.

It’s one of the best anime done by White Fox Studios.


4. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

YouTube video

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid takes a different approach for a studio like Kyoto Ainmation.

There’s big tiddies, jiggle-physics, and some light fan service. But that’s NOT what makes the anime so good.

Tohru, a dragon, becomes domesticated and lives her life for Tohru, an average woman who’s introverted and lives by herself.

Eventually more dragons come into the picture, and the wholesome, comfy episodes relax you into the anime‘s laid back plot.

The action in Miss Kobayashi is one of the more surprising parts. It’s equal to Shonen, if not better in some cases (even for a slice of life).

There’s now 2 seasons.


5. My Bride Is A Mermaid

My Bride Is A Mermaid couple cute

My Bride Is A Mermaid is a bit different because it’s a romance series, not just comedy or parody. But it’s the best choice for Jahy Sama fans in the romance genre.

Nagasumi Michishio almost drowns in the ocean, and he’s saved by a mermaid called Sun Seto. By mermaid law, Sun or Nagasumi have to be killed. Human and Mermaid ocntact is a no-no.

They get married to prevent that from happening.

Nagasumi’s life becomes more wholesome and energetic, but also dramatic and even life threatening.

Sun’s family are actually Yakuza members, and the father tries killing Nagasumi because he can’t accept their engagement.

It’s all done in a comedic fashion, and it’s one of the most original comedy to have released in the early 2000’s.


6. Kono Subarashii

Kono Subarashii lalatina kazuma aqua and megumin art

Konosuba is revered by many, but some find it over the top. In the end, it’s a well rated parody series with original aspects, comedy, and a spin on the usual cliches.

After dying and being reborn in another world., Kazuma is stuck with the useless Goddess Aqua.

That only gets worse after meeting a useless swords woman who’s a masochist, and a mage who refuses to learn more than one type of magic.

Give Konsuba a chance and watch the first season. If you enjoy it, there’s plenty of content to get through that only gets funnier and better with time.


7. Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel Dropout episode 1 laptop scene

An angel called Gabriel comes down to earth to learn about humans. This is after graduating school in Heaven.

She’s sick of saving face and being politically correct. So she decides to live like a slob, be lazy, and play games all day instead.

The main joke and irony of this anime is that some devils are more like angels, and some angels are more like devils. And every other contradiction in between.

Just like Slice of Life’s tend to be, Gabriel Dropout is laid back, but a good laugh when all is said and done.

It’s another underrated anime that NEEDS a 2nd season.


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