9+ Anime Shows Like Spy x Family You Won’t Regret (Recommended)

spy x family anime 2022
Written by Theo J Ellis

Spy x Family is an anime series adapted from a manga, and is one people have been anticipating ever since its announcement. The trailer has 1.2M views on YouTube.

The fanbase behind it is dedicated. Right now the ratings stand at 9/10 on MAL despite there being only 1 episode so far (April 9th 2022)


As the name implies, one of the main characters is a spy and “spy work” is a common thing. Whether it be assuming an identity to get closer to a certain person, working your way into people’s lives, nothing is off limits.

Assassinations and murder is par for the course as well.

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Here’s a list of anime shows just like Spy X Family to start watching!


1. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl episode 13 anime

Gunslinger Girl is an anime by Madhouse studios. The plot follows kids who are given another chance at life and in exchange they have to work for the government.

Even if that work involves assassination or murder, it’s not off limits. And each kid is “conditioned” which is another word for brainwashing to keep them in line.

It’s a depressing anime series seen through the eyes of characters like Henrietta, Clyce, and Triele. With an evolving plot as far as the location and where each character is in the world during missions.


2. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs moments anime gangsters

Bungou Stray Dogs is a lot like Spy X Family as far as the setting, backgrounds, characters, designs, and the fashion in the anime series.

Osamu Dazai is the MC who’s always talking about suicide casually, and is an eccentric character to say the least. He’s an ex-gangster as well.

Atsushi Nakajima, a new recruit in the armed detective agency (a group that tackles supernatural crime) is an ex-orphan with self esteem issues but a good heat.

This anime doesn’t shy away from violence but it’s not over the top. And the story feels different to comparable shows.


3. Baccano

Baccano bar anime moments

Bacaano is another odd but different anime series with similarities to Spy X Family. The fashion sense, designs, the world around it, and the characters feel familiar.

Being an anime set in Chicago, New York, and other places at different times, it might seem confusing at first. Especially because so many events take place and they seem unrelated.

For those with patience Baccano can be a rewarding anime series and the setting can be appreciated by Spy X Family fans.


4. The Executioner And Her Way Of Life

The Executioner And Her Way Of Life menou

If you’re looking for an anime like Spy X Family in an Isekai setting, this is the one.

When people are reborn in this world they’re known as “The Lost Ones”. This holds a lot of significance to the plot.

The anime‘s main character – Menou is a self proclaimed Priestess who says she’s “pure, just, and strong”.

You quickly find out this is a farce and far from the truth and the grim reality of what she’s up to, what she does for a living, and why she does it.

You won’t find many Isekai that feels this fresh from the past couple of years (2017 onwards).

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5. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill episode 11 mine tatsumi

Akame Ga Kill is an anime about Tatsumi, his journey in discovering the harsh truth of how the world works, and what it’s gonna take to protect his poor village financially.

He becomes an assassin and joins the group Nightraid to accomplish his personal goals and kill off corrupt politicians, one by one in the hopes of creating a revolution.

Akame Ga Kill doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to violence, portraying the cold reality of a government with too much power, and the dark themes in general. It even kills off important characters.

It’s a Shounen unlike any other that’s been made in the industry, and is subtly like Spy X Family.


6. Princess Principal

Princess Principal episode 2 anime screenshots

Princess Principal is an anime with only 1 season so far, and it aired some years ago. It’s set in the UK, London to be specific, and this is clear by the characters and even their accents (dub).

The main characters work under the queen as spies to fight off and even kill their enemies in silence and secrecy. The main difference here is the characters are female.

Mystery is a big part of what makes Princess Principal the anime that it is, and the dark underworld the characters operate under.

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7. The World’s Finest Assassin

The Worlds Finest Assassin flashback anime e1649539046422

The World’s Finest Assassin is made by Rui Tsukiyo, the author of Redo Of Healer but this anime is quite a bit different. It’s an Isekai series witha few changes.

Lugh, a former assassin is killed off deliberately as his employers set him up to die in a plane crash. After reincarnation he becomes an assassin again.

This time around he wants to become the kind of man (and assassin) who makes his own decisions instead of blindly following orders without thought or reason.

With his new found abilities and the family he’s under, he works his way up, masks his identity, works his way into people’s lives for the sake of assassination missions and more.


8. GoSick

GoSick victorique deblois and kazuya kujou

GoSick is an anime with the characters Victorique Deblois and Kazuya Kujou. They work together to solve crimes, murders, and happenings around the city.

Victorique is the real star of the show since she’s intelligent, witty, and is able to decipher and analyze situations well enough to crack a lot of cases.

Kazuya is more like her assistant but they both work together and add humor to the anime despite it having its dark moments.

Studio Bones is the anime studio behind this series.


9. If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord

If Its For My Daughter Id Even Defeat A Demon Lord forest e1649613028224

And finally this light novel adapted series is a close match to Spy X Family in a lot of ways.

The setup is Latina, a little girl who’s lost in a forest all by herself. She’s saved yb Dale, a fairly strong adventurer who eventually adopts Latina as it turns out her parents were killed.

Being a demon girl she’s a little different, but these differences are accepted by Dale and the people around him. He becomes a father figure to Latina.

Parents watching this anime will be reminded of parenthood in so many ways, and everyone else will feel nothing but positive vibes as both main characters bond with each other.

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