9+ Anime That Share Similairities With Oshi No Ko (Recommended)

oshi no ko wallpaper ai cute

Oshi No Ko is a psychological anime series with drama, mystery, and even supernatural elements which are surprising at first. Episode 1 is over 120 minutes long, making it an unconventional anime series.

Ai Hoshino is the star of the show. The Idol everyone adores, including a doctor who works in a hospital, and a cancer patient who was fond of Ai Hoshino’s music.

This anime ultimately explores the idol industry, more so the darker side of being an idol, and goes into some depth about the business, what goes into making or breaking an idol, and a lot more.

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Here’s a list of anime shows like Oshi No Ko worth watching.


1. New Game!

New Game at home aoba hifumi

In the anime New Game, female characters all work within the gaming industry and this is the highlight of the anime’s episodes, comedy, occasional sadness, and stories.

Aoba Suzukaze has graduated and is now getting to work at Eagle Jump, a known company for its popular video games.

She’s living out her dream, one day at a time.

She meets other girls in the business like Hifumi Takimoto, a shy introverted girl who likes her own space, and other girls like Hajime Shinoda who’s a blatant Otaku, full of extroverted energy.


2. Comic Girls

comic girls anime moeta

Comic Girls is a cutesy anime series where the main characters, including Moeta, are manga artists with their own assistants/editors.

Moeta likes to draw cute art, but it never comes out as detailed and attractive as she’d like. And her work is criticized as a result of this.

After moving into a dome with other manga artists who are at various sages of their careers, Moeta gains more confidence and some skills along the way. As well as warm friendships and happy times.

You can think Of Comic Girls like the “happy” version of Oshi No Ko, with a specific focus on manga.


3. Erased

erased anime series kid

The main character is shot back in time where he has a chance to change the outcome of a tragic event and save the people he desperately wants to protect.

He becomes a kid again, like with Oshi No Ko, and the plot follows his journey to correcting the mistakes of the past he regrets.


4. Shirobako

Shirobako p a works anime

The one anime show that’s actually about the industry, what goes down within the anime industry, how shows are developed, cut, produced, and a whole lot more.

It’s an anime all fans should watch to get some understanding.

The main characters are part of an anime studio, working on anime projects, where stress is high, their schedule is tight, and things can get crapped as easily as they can get started.

You could say this anime is portrayed in a slightly more “fun” sense but with a lot of realism.


5. Skip Beat

skip beat anime cover characters

Kyoko Mogami is the orange-haired (really has black hair) female character who we see in a relationship. The man she’s in a relationship with is sleeping on her couch, basically, using her and biding his time.

Kyoko cooks, cleans, and is a lapdog,  and her boyfriend dumps her the moment he gets a chance at showbiz.

Kyoko drastically changes from this point forward and becomes more assertive and confident in herself. She even goes into showbiz by barging through the front door and has a talent for it even she wasn’t aware of.

It’s all driven by revenge, but it becomes more than this as she begins to develop and progress.


6. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue japanese woman main female character

Perfect Blue might be the closest series to Oshi No Ko for how it’s portrayed, and what goes on in both anime series. It’s an anime that focuses on the female MC who retires from being an idol.

The moment she retires is when things start to go downhill for the wrong reasons.

She’s now being stalked by insane, deranged fans who don’t know when to quit and don’t know how to accept the decisions of another human being they happen to admire to a fault and idolize (no pun intended).

The experience and how it’s portrayed is deeply psychological and traumatic in nature.


7. Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live School Idol Project umi kotori honoka

Love Live School Idol Project is an anime series where idols are portrayed in the most positive light possible. So it’s not like Oshi No Ko in that sense, but in the idol sense in general.

Umi Sonoda is the introvert of the show who keeps people in check but does have a shy side. Honoka Kousaka is the girl who brings everyone together and is the reason for the formation of “U’s”, a music idol group.

All together there are 9 characters and members of the U’s idol group, and many of the characters are surprisingly memorable.


8. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei rudeus kid

Mushoku Tensei is an Isekai at the heart of it. And even though it’s not the main feature of Oshi No Ko, that anime does have Isekai elements where two main characters are reborn as kids.

In this anime, Rudeus is the MC who’s now living as a kid, very similar to Oshi No Ko. Except he’s all the way in a past timeline where things are more historic and not as technologically driven.

Rudeus also has a disgusting past he’s deeply ashamed of, and this anime follows his journey to “redemption” in a sense, while also getting stronger and more proficient with magic, his abilities, and life itself.


9. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life satou and shio

Happy Sugar Life is an anime series about two characters: Satou Matsuzaka, the pink-haired female protagonist. And Shio Kobe, the black-haired little girl who’s at least 6-7 years old.

Satou has always been attractive to other guys and girls, but never had a serious relationship despite seeking out “love”. She finds Shio Kobe one day out in the rain, abandoned, and decides to take her in.

Satou develops a strange, almost disgusting love for Shio where the two even “pretend” to get married and kiss at the end of it.

While this horror series is different in nature, there are crossover concepts and ideas that connect both anime together.


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