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The 9+ Greatest Anime Like Non Non Biyori Fans Will Appreciate

Non Non Biyori Wallpaper
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Non Non Biyori Nonstop is airing right now. It’s the 3rd season in the series. And will finish soon.

It’s an anime about 4 kids (and teenagers) in the countryside, and the adventures they go on together in a rural environment.

The anime in this post will share similarities with its:

  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Chilled
  • Comical

And colorful setting.

Let’s get started.


Anime Like Non Non Biyori:


1. Flying Witch

Flying Witch makoto and akane broom

Flying Witch is one of my best anime of all time for its chilled, relaxed episodes. And non-exaggerated plot or character movements.

It feels real. Like you’re watching a real life film but in an anime style setting.

The story is about Makoto Kowata, a witch in training. And her daily life in the countryside with her cousins and family.

Not as long as Non Non Biyori as far as seasons, but the anime is nice and wholesome as F.

Zero fan service.


2. Diary Of Our Days At The Breakwater

Diary Of Our Days At The Breakwater kawaii

Diary Of Our Days At The Break Water has strong similarities to Non Non Biyori, but it’s a different setting all together.

In this anime, first released back in 2020, Hina Tsurugi is the main character. She’s in a fishing town and becomes a part of a club of sorts, forcibly.

Fishing, fishing techniques, hunting and cooking your own food, and the comical, wholesome vibes in between is what makes the anime shine.

You learn something as you watch, and you get a dose of entertainment while you’re at it.


3. Is The Order A Rabbit?

Is The Order A Rabbit yukata rabbit house

Is The Order A Rabbi? is a cute girls doing cute things type of anime series. But in a business setting.

Chino is the granddaughter of the café she works in. And she works with Rize, the “senpai” of the show, and Cocoa, a new employee.

There’s a business focus on this anime but with the daft humor, comedy, and wholesome episodes that fall in between. And school life.

If Non Non Biyori was in the city, this would be the anime.

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4. Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest characters rural

Sakura Quest is about Yoshino Koharu, a Tokyo girl who wants a change. She ends up in an accidental job in the rural countryside. Doing tourism.

She starts to have Deja-vu after seeing the village’s Chupakabura.

The location of the village: Manoyama is actually based on a REAL village in Japan. So the location is legit.

Yoshino, along with other characters, some of who are business minded, work together to help Manoyama thrive again as a tourist spot.

It’s like a bit of Spice And Wolf + Non Non Biyori in one.

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5. Barakamon

Barakamon naru and seishu funny

Barakamon is a comfortable slice of life series about personal growth. Seishu Handa punches a critic, and is sent off to an Island to cool down.

In the process he learns more about himself, and improves his calligraphy, one of his talents. While building relationships with his new locals and friends.

This anime has a good mix of character ages. From kids, to teenagers, to young adults and beyond.

You can learn a lot from watching this short anime series.


6. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends season 1 kawaii

Kemono Friends feels like the animal kingdom version of Non Non Biyori. The main characters are animals that represent the wild.

The MC represents a lion, other characters are otters, and a ton of other animals you can think of. But in human form.

It’s mostly wholesome, but the anime gets surprisingly deep the further you get into it. And it starts to pain a picture of how humans and animals are connected.

The 2nd season was ruined, but the first season is recommended.


7. Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless!

Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless kawaii

Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless is the more school-oriented version of Non Non Biyori, even though Non Non Biyori has school.

Here it’s in the city, like a normal school. And Tanaka Kun, the MC, is lazy, loves sleeping, and will do anything if it means convenience.

In that way he’s a lot like Houtarou from Hyouka!

Each episode is so relaxed it feels like the episodes are longer than they actually are. It has that affect on you.

The anime deserves more praise.


8. Mitsuboshi Colors

Mitsuboshi Colors cute girls

Mitsuboshi Colors may take you back to being a kid again, where the world is exciting, fun, your imagination runs wild, and everything seems brand new.

The main characters are on their own little mission to protect their city, and you get to see it play out from their perspective.

Expect a lot of adventures, just like Non Non Biyori, and plenty of comedy with a drop of relaxation to put you at ease.

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9. K-On

k on cutesy girls

K-On is another slice of life classic I love. But it’s more than just that.

It’s responsible for making the MOE genre popular, even if it didn’t start it.

Yui Hirasawa is the klutz of the group. Mio is the introvert. Ritsu is the clown, and Tsumugi is the “rich” girl who brings tea and cakes to their music club.

This anime is literally the inspiration for the “cute things” types of series that are now common.

No plot in particular, just individual episodes with their own flow and themes to keep things interesting.


BONUS Anime: Yuru Camp!

YouTube video


The camping version of Non Non Biyori.

It has its own style and also has multiple seasons. Worth trying out.


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