8+ Of The Greatest Anime Like Komi San Can’t Communicate (Recommended)

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Komi Can’t Communicate is an anime series I joked about in 2021. That joke being that it had released back on April 1st 2021, and it was being made by Kyoto Animation.

And now here we are months later and its finally released, but by studio OLM.

It’s about Komi San, a girl with a communication disorder. She finds it REALLY hard to speak and express herself through words.

Writing is the preferred method.

Tadano, the other MC, becomes her friend after realizing she has an issue and they communicate through writing initially.

Here’s some anime like Komi Can’t Communicate that fits the bill!


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1. It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!

Tomoko Kuroki is a socially awkward introvert who tries too hard, and fails even harder. She tries to appear cooler than she is, but fails at that as well.

It’s as if everything she tries is a waste of time, but there is some hope. And like Komi San, she has a good friend she appreciates.

Tomoko in reality is just a awkward, insecure teenager who doesn’t yet realize it’s unnecessary to “prove” yourself to the world. Or to try and be something that you’re not to look cool.

The anime will make you cringe pretty hard. It’s not easy to get through, and at times you’ll be like WTF.

That said, it’s relatable but depressing, true to life but somewhat deep. Especially for a slice of life anime with dark comedy.

It’s a different shade of what Komi San goes through as an introvert.


2. The Demon Girl Next Door

The Demon Girl Next Door has 2 main characters. One of them is introduced immediately in the first episode.

Her name is Yuko. She’s the daughter of a family that’s connected to demons. Their goal is to defeat magical girls, apparently.

Yuko is an awkward, introverted teenager with not the most self confidence. So much so she can’t carry out her mission, and besides she’s too weak. And this plays into the parody effect of this series.

It’s written a way that mocks the traditional magical girl set up, and makes it into a comedy/slice of life. With Yuko, the awkward, introverted girl at the center of it.

Not to mention Momo Chiyoda, her unlikely friend who’s snarky, sarcastic, but makes the anime wholesome at times.

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3. Comic Girls

Comic Girls is about aspiring and professional cute as well.

It’s a “anime, and it has the designs to back that up.

Moeta Kaoruko, the MC, is an introverted, awkward protagonist. She has little confidence, but gets excited at the smallest things.

Her manga style leans towards drawing “cute” things with a sprinkle of Chibi.

She’s helped by the other main characters of this series, being their Kouhai for the most part. And it helps her develop and become more confident in herself and her work.

You do get the awkward noises and sound effects meant to portray the awkwardness of the MC, just like Komi San.

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4. Hitoribocchi

Hitoribocchi is the anime most like Komi Can’t Communicate on this list. In fact it’s the first anime I thought of, but decided to put it later in the list.

Hitori is a girl just starting middle school. She has no friends. Her old friend and Hitori made a promise. That promise involves Hitori making friends by herself without any help.

She’s introverted, socially awkward, has anxiety, and is eccentric as well which doesn’t help. Making it awkward for others because they misunderstand her intentions.

Either way, the anime is about seeing Hitori grow as a person and overcome many of her weaknesses and confidence issues.

She makes a few friends, and the anime teaches you about self confidence and makes it relatable for those in similar situations.

Surprisingly wholesome and funny to an underrated degree.


5. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is about Shouko Nishimiya, a girl who is deaf. Unsurprisingly, she’s bullied for her disabilities while in school.

This affects her deeply, to the point of crushing her self confidence and self esteem. And more so her overall self worth.

She becomes depressed, and thinks less of herself for the cruel experiences she was put through for being different.

One of her bullies later comes face to face with his actions, is overwhelmed with guilt and shame, and wants to make a change.

He wants to reconcile things with the person he helped damage.

This dynamic is important to the overall movie and theme of A Silent Voice. There are many painful moments and many that will piss you off.

It’s a story and a life lesson in empathy, depression, the effects of your own actions on other people, and of course – how people with disabilities are bullied.

It’s realistic and relatable with a strong message and plenty of substance.


6. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is about Violet, a girl who’s used as a tool for a past war. She’s an orphan, which made it easy to manipulate and control her from young.

In the main timeline where the war has already past, Violet is seeking one thing: the definition of “I love you”.

It’s the words of her Major in the war, the words he said to her before he seemingly disappears. Leaving Violet alone in the world.

He’s the only one during that time to have treated her like a human being, and these words move her enough to seek out wat it means since she was never taught it.

As a job Violet helps people write letters and essentially express their feelings through words, leading to an endless amount of emotional episodes. Many that are relatable.

Aside from Violet’s disposition being similar to Komi San, the anime piles on the emotions and trauma pretty heavy.

It’s a slice of life series masterpiece by Kyoto Animation.


7. Blend S

Blend S is about Maika Chan, a girl who gets a new job working in a specialized cafe. This cafe is based on DERE characteristics and other roleplaying for its customers.

Maika plays the sadist, but that’s mostly down to her awkward personality, the impression she gives off, and her not realizing how it comes across to others.

Other characters play Tsundere, Loli, among other things I won’t get into.

Aside from the strong focus on comedy in this series, Blend S is also a wholesome slice of life with a good main character who’s innocent and pure.

Komi San fans will know what I’m talking about.


8. Love, Chunibyo, And Other Delusions

Chunibyo is a type of so called condition that teenagers go through. Ya know, the whole pretending the world is full of fantasy and supernatural things. And acting out special moves as if you’re a superhero.

Rikka Takanashi deals with this, and Yuta Togashi, an ex-chunibyo, helps her out of her delusions in an indirect kind of way.

This develops the romance between Yuta Togashi and Rikka Takanashi, with the crazy, even cringey comedy that happens in between.

Just like Komi San, Rikka is ultimately an awkward teenager. It’s just in Rikka’s case she finds extreme ways to stand out and feel like she’s part of something special and different.

The anime has 2 seasons and a movie so far. And it gets more wholesome with the more content you watch from it.


Other anime like Komi San:

  • Horimiya.
  • Kimi NI Todoke.

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