8+ Anime Shows Just Like Hell’s Paradise (Recommended)

hells paradise anime series 2023

Hell’s Paradise is a popular manga series with a more than decent following. It’s now being adapted into an anime as of April 1st 2023 (April fool’s day) and the first episode is a nice intro.

The plot is about Gabimaru The Hollow, as he’s called. After the shoguns constantly try to kill him and fail, something unexpected happens because of a female character called Sagiri.

The rest you’ll have to find out personally as it’s kinda spoiler heavy.

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Here#s a list of anime shows like Hell’s Paradise worth watching.


1. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo trio fuu jin mugen

Samurai Champloo gives similar vibes with its historic vibes, character designs, the setting, the time period, and things along those lines.

In this anime, there are no superpowers, no fantasy, or anything like that. The main characters Jin and Mugen are unlikely samurai who work together to achieve a similar goal despite not getting along very well.

Fuu is the main female character looking for a samurai who smells of sunflowers, making up the trio of this series and the action, the heartache, and some of the best hip hop inspired music that follows.


2. The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna leader blondie

This is an anime series that doesn’t get much of a mention if at all. It’s based on the real story of Nobunaga, a legend in Japanese history. The anime takes Nobunaga and his army and turns them into anime girls.

The main male character, Yoshiharu, finds himself in the world of his favourite game (Isekai) and Nobunaga in female form is the first person he comes into contact with.

They pair up, and the anime essentially follows the real life story of Nobunaga with slight changes to make it more entertaining, which is why it’s in desperate need of a 2nd season.


3. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill scene tatsumi e1680371848754

Nightraid – a group of assassins committed to toppling the government, and creating a revolution on behalf of society and its many citizens who are sick and tired of the severe oppression and abuse.

Tatsumi is the newest member to nightraid and is quickly trained by veterans like Akame and Bulat to prepare him for the harsh life ahead.

Sleek visuals, intense action, emotional fights and episodes, plus well-written characters. The anime has 2M+ members on MAL alone.

Akame Ga Kill has a different plot, but it’s similar to Hell’s Paradise in the violence department, and they both have other crossovers as well.


4. Owari No Seraph

Owari No Seraph ep 3 school

Yuichiro Hyakuya is a kid when he finds himself in a human prison. A child factory of sorts where he and his friends, including Mika, are slaves who work for the vampire race.

They’re used as guinea pigs as well for their blood.

After tragically escaping his enslaved past where almost all his friends are slaughtered, Yuichiro grows up to be much stronger despite being immature in a lot of ways.

Shinoa Hiiragi is the main female character who partners up with Yuichiro, not before teasing him, and is the anime’s source of comedy when it counts.

With 2 seasons strong, and a 3rd season in desperate need (with the material ready), this is an anime to start watching now with all around decent content.


5. The Executioner And Her Way Of Life

The Executioner And Her Way Of Life menou red eyes waifu

Push the Yuri aside from this series, or at least the Yuri subtleties, and this anime is similar to Hell’s Paradise in its own right.

Menou, the main female character poses as a church girl in a nutshell. But she’s a lot more sinister, cold-blooded, and savage than she appears. But it only makes sense since she’s given the mission to eliminate a specific set of people to preserve the world’s peace.

This is an Isekai, unlike anything you’ve ever seen as far as writing and plot. And it has some interesting concepts + violence in multiple scenes.


6. Claymore

Claymore claire short hair

Claire, as she’s called, is the anime’s main female character with short hair, who doesn’t say too much, and tends to be serious. When you dive into her past it’s not surprising at all.

In this anime, the “claymores” are made to work for a secret organization. They help humans in exchange for payment. That “help” involves killing demons.

The claymores themselves are half human, half demon, which is why they’re capable of killing demons.

Claymore’s are all women. Their bodies have essentially been ruined and they have no hope of ever dating, procreating, or meeting someone who will find them the least bit attractive.

That’s not the only depressing element of this anime series. The action, the violence, and the unfair circumstances play a role as well.


7. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man denji teeth eyepatch

Denji, in a way, is similar to Gabimaru The Hollow from Hell’s Paradise. Denji never asked for the life he ends up leading, and has been forced into a hard life ever since his father died and left him with debt to pay off to cold-blooded “clients”.

Denji then dies, miraculously comes back to life because of a demon, and then is forced into more hardship, developing learned helplessness.

Despite this he has a chipper attitude, doesn’t act like a victim at all, and finds the strength to fight and survive in the circumstances he’s been presented with.

There are also characters like Power, a type of demon, who works alongside Denji and is a big part of why this anime is so curious and loaded with comedy (and aesthetically pleasing action scenes).


8. Demon Slayer

kimetsu no yaiba characters cast

And Demon Slayer is an anime with some similarities to Hell’s Paradise. Both are shounen, and you could say there’s a crossover with the characters, the setting, clothing, and designs of both worlds.

Tanjiro fights for his now demon sister who still retains parts of her humanity after being changed. She’s the only survivor. Tanjiro’s family was slaughtered.

Both fight for each other and do everything for each other as the last of their family. It’s this driving force and narrative that makes Demon Slayer slightly unique as far as a theme.

This one theme is important for many things including the anime’s comedy, tragic scenes, plot, progression, and more.



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