8+ Anime Shows Like Golden Kamuy (Recommended)

golden kamuy wallpaper asirpa

Golden Kamuy is a series that started back in 2018 during the time Darling In The Franxx blew up in the industry. The manga started even earlier in 2014.

Saichi Sugimoto, an ex-soldier from a past war, meets an Ainu girl called Asirpa. They agree to travel with each other out of convenience for survival reasons.

Saichi’s ultimate goal is attaining gold in so many words, and Asirpa out of gratitude wants to help him reach his goal… Despite the upcoming dangers, some of which are life-threatening.

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Here are some anime like Golden Kamuy that are similar in nature.


1. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo squad trio

Mugen, the aggressive samurai who’s cut from a different cloth and had to make his own way from a young age. And Jin, a somewhat calm Samurai who’s walked a different path in life.

Both characters work together indirectly thanks to a girl named Fuu. Her goal is to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers, and the two samurai are her only hope of making that a reality.

Out of curiosity they all group together but the journey is filled with more than just that.

The hip hop influenced anime (with hip hop influenced music) takes notes from Cowboy Bebop, and is also similar to Golden Kamuy but in a different context.


2. Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit adventure anime e1664787695335

Balsa Yonsa is the main female character who for as long as she remembers has been fighting for her own survival in multiple ways. And had to fend for herself from a young age like Mugen in Samurai Champloo.

She’s a professional bodyguard that fights with a staff, a spear, etc, and is talented with this weapon.

She’s hired to save and protect the prince of a kingdom whose own people are going to hunt him down and kill him out of fear of a “curse” inside the boy.

The anime’s story is filled with wholesome episodes, violent moments, tough scenes, great action choreography, and a lot more from a mother-son dynamic.


3. One Piece

One Piece squad

While nowhere near as violent as Golden Kamuy, One Piece is an anime with adventure, travelling, trying to attain something big (the One Piece), and other aspects that relate it to Golden Kamuy.

The anime hardly needs an explanation.

Monkey D. Luffy is the cheerful, chipper guy who’s unphased by most things but isn’t a cliche protagonist by any means.

Zoro is the guy everyone jokes about getting lost, and the guy with a unique style of sword fighting.

Nami is the orange-haired girl who’s HOOD as it gets and gets by stealing, robbing, and ripping off other people.

All characters including ones I haven’t mentioned grow in various ways and become better people.

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4. Gate JSDF

Gate JSDF military characters 1

The anime GATE is about a mysterious portal that opens up in Japan, with a gate that leads to another world. This gate is responsible for all the war and carnage that’s been happening for a while.

In an attempt to quell the bloodshed, the army moves through the new world in hopes of coming to an agreement or peace treaty of sorts.

The military aspects of this anime as well as the violence and travelling in a sense have strong similarities to Golden Kamuy.

It’s just different.


5. Michiko To Hatchin

Michiko To Hatchin milandro

Michiko MIlandro, a black Latino woman has had a rough life. She’s grown up in the struggle, knows about poverty all too well, and is a bit rough around the edges given the way she had to grow up in the world.

She’s looking for a man in particular. Her search leads her to Hatchin, a girl who’s being abused at home by foster parents. Michiko takes her and they both travel in hopes of meeting the same person they’re both connected to.

Their relationship aside from some drama is similar to Asirpa and Saichi from Golden Kamuy. And it’s also a somewhat unknown and underrated anime series.


6. Berserk

Berserk anime visuals

Berserk is the classic anime series everyone talks about and everyone knows about, even if you haven’t watched it already or read the manga.

It’s a horror series no question, with some action, bloody scenes, depth like no other, and some horrible but true to life aspects.

What connects Berserk to Golden Kamuy as far as comparison is the main male characters, the brutality they’re capable of in the name of survival, and their constant search for something outside themselves.

Fans of Berserk should like Saichi Sugimoto as a character.


7. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood visuals

FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist) is another anime worthy of this list. The 2000s classic that was written and authored by a female mangaka is still revered and loved to this day in 2022 and beyond.

The militant aspects of Fullmetal Alchemist, the army, the violence, and the constant searching from characters like Edward And Alphonse (brothers) bring a similar feeling to Golden Kamuy.

What separates the two is the supernatural aspects added on top of FMA as a whole.

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8. Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World

kino no tabi the beautiful world

And finally, Kino No Tabi is another anime that needs to be mentioned. I’m talking about the original Kino’s Journey from the 2000s. But the remake works, too.

Kino, a girl who travels the world, country to country, and to many cities, towns, and villages does so on a motorbike. And the plot twist is her motorbike is a talking motorbike.

It starts weird but becomes a key part of why the anime is so thought-provoking.

As Kino learns from travelling, each place is different, people’s level of violence and hostility is different, hospitality is different, and so on. To the point where Kino sometimes has to defend herself, violently.

Kino’s life hasn’t been the sunniest by any stretch of the imagination.

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