7+ Anime Series Just Like Futoku No Guild (Recommended)

futoku no guild

Futoku No Guild (Immoral Guild) is an anime series I’d call “the baby” of a few controversial series released over the years.

It has some elements and vibes from many Ecchi mixed into it. It also offers an uncensored version.

The anime is about Kikuru, a powerful young man in his own right who wants to retire from guild life and get a girlfriend instead of spending time training like he’s done for over 19+ years of his life.

He takes on new trainees but they’re useless, making his dream of retirement even more unlikely and problematic.

This is a running gag and it’s why Immoral Guild is a lot like Konosuba.

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Here’s a list of anime like Immoral guild (Futoku No Guild) worth checking out.


1. Konosuba

Konosuba thumbs up anime

Konosuba, or “Kono Subarashii” has become a staple in the fantasy and Isekai genres of anime. First released in 2016 the anime makes fun of common cliches, tropes, fanservice, and a lot more.

It’s a parody series that manages to be funny despite being the kind of anime that can seemingly “overdo it.

Kazuma Satou dies a pathetic death and is reborn and made to associate with the Goddess Aqua who is useless without her powers, and they both form a guild with 2 other members who add to the anime’s ridiculous comedy.

Kazuma is all about gender equality, which is one of the biggest highlights people in the anime community run with and praise his character for in the anime.


2. Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer my rod or this rod scene 1

Can’t ignore Redo Of Healer when talking about an anime like Futoku No Guild. Redo Of Healer centers around Keyaru, a once innocent teenager who’s used, abused, r*ped, drugged and enslaved for his healing abilities.

Once he finds a way to redo time with his powers he promises to get revenge against Princess Flare and the Jioral Kingdom who made his life hell and necessarily traumatic.

This is the beginning of the savagery witnessed in the anime later, especially from episode 3 onwards. And it’s why the anime gained so much clout and attention.

If you have the stomach for this anime and the uncensored content, this is a good mention when compared to Futoku To Guild.

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3. Tensei Slime

Tensei Slime rimuru finger

Titled That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime in English, this has become a best-selling light novel and a top anime series as well.

Rimuru Tempest starts out as a slime who can’t do much at all except eat and consume other creatures or people. After meeting a dragon he reaches the outside world and slowly grows through consumption.

Eventually giving him the power to take human form as he thinks about his past life before reincarnation.

What makes Tensei Slime good is the aspect of building things from the ground up (countries, nations, relations, communities, etc). Rimuru once peace for all, and his growing power and authority makes this a realistic goal of sorts.

The anime isn’t the most unique, but its approach is why it works so well.


4. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail series happy natsu cover

Similar to Futoku No Guild, Fairy Tail doesn’t shy away from its fanservice though it’s not to the degree that it’s ecchi or uncensored with all the naughty bits on full display.

Fairy Tail is an adventure series like no other. The world-building aspect, the towns, villages, countries, and all the travelling are what make the anime a highlight and one that gets better with time.

The in-between fanservice at times from both genders, the fights, the action, and the underrated comedy is why Fairy Tail is what it is.

Its main weakness as a series is the sometimes overdone power of friendship element. But despite its flaws, it’s a solid series anyone can enjoy as long as you’re not too uptight.


5. Ishuzoku Reviewers

Ishuzoku Reviewers monster girls

Imagine an anime series where there are prostitutes of all races, faces, creatures, monsters, and even more. This is the kind of anime Ishuzoku Reviewers is.

The anime is about 2 guys who travel to brothels, have sex with monster girls (slimes, dragons, fairies, etc) and then later review each place after they’ve had their fun.

Naturally a controversial series and unsurprisingly one that’s gonna offend some people. But otherwise, a comical series as far as it not taking itself too seriously or trying to be politically correct.

It’s not for everyone but if your fetishes swing that way, this is the one and Futoku No Guild fans will enjoy it.


6. Slave Harem In Another World

Slave Harem In Another World ecchi

This anime (Slave Harem In Another World) was airing during summer 2022 and ended some time ago. But it was one anime that people talked about and made memes out of it during airtime.

As the name implies the main character has a slave as a demi-human girl. She’s a warrior, a fighter, a maid, and many other things.

The anime doesn’t shy away from showing both the demi-human woman and her “master” sleeping together and doing the dirty.

Basically, if you want an anime with lots of kissing or an anime with sex scenes, this is one of them.


7. Shuumatsu No Harem

Shuumatsu No Harem babes blush

And finally, we have Shuumatsu No Harem (World’s End Harem). This anime series aired between late 2021 to almost spring 2022.

This anime is simple. There’s a virus called the MK virus (man killer virus). With most Men wiped off the face of the earth, only a handful remain.

These handfuls of men are used to impregnate and have sex with the overwhelming amount of young women who are alive and well.

In reality, the men are being used, abused, and taken advantage of, and this is all part of a bigger, more sinister plot from feminist, misandrist women wanting to kill off the male population.

As serious as it sounds, the anime is mostly lightweight with tons of nude scenes and of course, an uncensored version for those who are willing.



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