9+ Action Packed Anime Shows That Are Just Like Bleach!

Bleach Thousand Year Blood Arc Ichigo Anime
Written by Theo J Ellis

With Bleach now airing (Thousand Year Blood War Arc) it’s only right to talk about anime that are similar to Bleach in:

  • Features.
  • Characteristics.
  • Elements
  • Style.
  • Art.

And other aspects relating to the supernatural or action.

Bleach is an anime about Ichigo Kurosaki, and his simple goal to protect his friends. He gets his wish after Rukia, a girl in a black cloak saves his life, making their lives tied to each other forever.

After so many years missing in action the anime is back to dominating Shounen again.

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Here’s a list of anime shows similar to Bleach.


1. Claymore

You can think of Claymore as a female-driven action series. With demons being the main enemies (they’re called Yoma). The “claymore” are female soldiers with some demon blood in them.

They all work for “the organization” and live depressing, meaningless lives outside of work and protect ungrateful humans.

Clare, the blonde MC is a recent recruit who’s quite powerful and is usually being followed by a lapdog of a guy who becomes important to her.

Bleach is nowhere near as violent as Claymore.

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2. D. Gray Man

Alen Walker is the white-haired MC with a cursed half-body. This portion of his body is used to target and eliminate Akuma (demons). In a sick twisted irony, it’s the same cursed arm and eye he had to use to kill someone he cared about.

Allen carries the world on his shoulders. Always tries doing things by himself even though he has others who can help and who he himself can rely on.

He’s stubborn, a lot like Ichigo in that way but his personality is a lot different from a typical shounen protagonist.


3. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the grandaddy of Shounen and is responsible for the BIG 3 coming into existence.

Even to this day anime shows are still taking cues from DBZ as far as fighting elements and cliches.

Dragon Ball Super is the latest and greatest, with some of the nicest animation out there and the biggest-selling anime movies of all time. Especially when it comes to anime that have successfully broken streaming services with relative ease.


4. Soul Eater

Soul Eater is an anime by studio bones, the same studio as many anime like:

  • My Hero Academia.
  • Eureka Seven.
  • Scrapped Princess.
  • Mob Psycho 100.

Given the way the anime ended, it won’t have another season anytime soon if ever. But it might get a movie one day if it makes sense to.

The anime is about Maka, Death The Kid, Black Star, and their lives as meisters at school. It’s as whacky as Fairy Tail except it came long before Fairy Tail was ever released.

The main characters have a chemistry that’ll guarantee you won’t be bored watching. With action that still looks good even in 2022 and beyond.

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5. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is an anime you can’t get away from whether you want to or not. It’s too famous at this point and it’s here to stay because of its impossible sales success during the pandemic.

Tanjiro, the anime’s main character is one of the “kindest” anime protagonists in the shounen world. This aspect might get on some people’s nerves but it all depends on your ideal cup of tea.

It makes Tanjiro empathetic, and thoughtful, and this gives form to his fighting style and approach to battles.

His number one motivation in life is to protect Nezuko, his sister, which is a lot like ICHIGO’S motivation to protect his sisters.


6. Naruto

Naruto is the anime that’s so deep within anime culture you also can’t escape it. It’s probably the most culturally embedded anime out of all the big 3.

Uzumaki is a character many have come to relate to and draw inspiration from. The lonely kid who’s doubted, judged and feared for something he never asked for – people relate to these emotions.

There’s also Sasuke, who shows the other side of the coin of what happens when you lack mentors or anyone to steer you away from the darker side of life.

Naruto and Bleach were done by the same studio, which is studio Perriot.


7. Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana is an old-school anime just like Bleach by today’s standards. It was released in the early 2000s, but the manga came out even earlier than Naruto’s manga.

Yuuji Sakai, a normal student ends up on the other side of “death” almost but is unintentionally saved by Shana, the flaming haired blazing-eyed hunter. A warrior designed to destroy demons known as Denizens and Rinne.

Yuuji, just like Ichigo, has his life changed by the woman he encounters as a result of gaining powers from being in their presence.

It has 3 seasons and a few movies. And definitely needs a reboot.

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8. Blue Exorcist

Made by the studio A-1 Pictures, Blue Exorcist mixes demons with swords, action, fights, and a sense of family for the main character who’s caught in the middle of it.

Rin Okumura is the son of satan himself and has to deal with that reality through being discriminated against in his childhood, to people having a problem with him instinctively as if they can sense his demonic differences.

A lot of people will be able to relate to Okumura for his upbringing, having to fight to defend himself, being shunned or outcasted, and Okumura feeling isolated from others. Forced to introvert.

More material is desperately needed for this franchise.


9. Jujutsu Kaisen

And lastly, there’s Jujutsu Kaisen, an anime that admittedly has and is inspired by Bleach in many ways. With similar concepts despite still managing to stand on its own two feet.

Yuji Itadori has always been a weird guy. No one could explain it. Being able to see ghosts and spirits just like Ichigo is one hint.

After eating a finger from the immensely powerful demon Sukuna (an artefact of sorts) Yuji is forced to live with Sukuna in his body, and Yuji is constantly monitored as a result because Sukuna is so threatening as a demon.

This is also similar to how Ichigo lives with his inner hollow who doesn’t care about his life other than the hollow being forced to care for self-preservation.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s characters, female characters, and side characters are well written, directed, designed, and have that similar chemistry you see in Bleach between the many characters.

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