8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

Batman Ninja Movie 2018

Have you heard of the latest Batman Ninja Movie?

Some of the people behind Kill La Kill, Afro Samurai and others are working on this new Batman movie.

And as far as we know, it’s set to release in 2018.

Here are 8 anime shows like Batman Ninja (Movie) with similar vibes, animation and action.


1. The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

Like Batman Ninja, Oda Nobuna focuses on historical Japan. The main difference being Oda Nobuna’s story is based on real life.

As far as armory, weapons used, backgrounds and old-school locations… Batman Ninja shares similar vibes to Oda Nobuna, except that it has CGI animation.

And of course, because it’s Batman.


2. God Eater

Batman Ninja is far from violent like God Eater. After all, God Eater is a brutal, obscene series in that department.

But God Eaters similarity with Batman Ninja is its CGI Animation.

Personally, God Eater is in a league of its own when it comes to CGI Animation. As it’s well executed compared to other CGI anime.


3. Rurouni Kenshin

8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

Batman is transported into a historical version of Japan. Without his bat-mobile, Batman’s only major weapon is his sword.

This is the main element that connects Batman Ninja to Rurouni Kenshin.

The style of clothing witnessed in the trailer of Batman Ninja shares similarities with Rurouni Kenshin, too.


4. The One Being Sung

8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

The One Being Sung is an anime adapted from a video game.

It starts off with a man named Hakuoro, who’s found in a forest by nearby locals.

But when he wakes up, he’s lost most of his memory except his own name.

Locations, backgrounds, animation style and historical elements make Batman Ninja quite similar.


5. Touken Ranbu Katsugeki

8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

Touken Ranbu Katsugeki is based in 1863 Japan.

Similar to the sword fights seen in Batman Ninja, Touken Ranbu has similar action scenes.

Except Touken Ranbu (2017) is much bloodier, violent and brutal.


6. Akame Ga Kill

8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

Like my last point, Akame Ga Kill is jam-packed with sword-fights, action, and sickening violence.

But Akame Ga Kill is still like Batman Ninja, except the similarities are more subtle.

And the animation is of course nothing alike.



8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

Like other anime on this list, GATE is a historical series. The exception is GATE’s theme is military-based.

That being said, that’s what makes GATE and Batman Ninja quite alike. Though GATE is a little more bloody.


8. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

8 Anime That Are Similar To Batman Ninja (Movie)

And then we have the famous Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Watch the Batman NInja (Movie) trailer. Once you do, it’s easy to see the comparison between Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Batman Ninja.

Especially when it comes to sword fights and action scenes.

That aside, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has fewer similarities than other shows on this list. But it’s still worth mentioning!


What other anime like Batman Ninja do you know of?

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