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8+ Of The Best Anime Like Banished From The Hero’s Party

Banished From The Hero’s Party is an anime series adapted from a light novel, originally.

The long title is a dead giveaway.

Made by Studio Flad and Wolfsbane, which are NEW to the anime industry, this anime is about life in the countryside.

The main character and the female character Rit who joins him, have both decided to live in the countryside. And get away from their previous lives for personal reasons.

Both are swordsman and people with reputations they’ve decided to keep secret in the new town they live in.

The slice of life elements make this a wholesome series.


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Here’s a list of anime just like Banished From The Hero’s Party!


1. The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride hatori alias moments

The Ancient Magus Bride is an anime series about Hatori Chise, who is sold off at an auction. The mage Alias Ainsworth buys her.

Lucky for Hatori, he’s nothing like most people she’s known throughout her life or most of the buyers at the auction.

Alias is a caring individual, and Hatori now has a place she can finally call home without ulterior motives or people takin advantage of her.

The visuals are absolutely stunning in this anime. Even in 2021 there aren’t anime that can compare, equally.

The characters, the scenery, the moments, the art style…. Throw in the wholesomeness and you have an anime that feels good to watch and relax to.

There is some romance, but not too heavy.


2. I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years

Ive Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years moments funny

Another anime series adapted from a light novel (like many on this list), this anime is an Isekai series.

Asuza died from overwork and exhaustion in her previous life. She’s reincarnated as a witch who becomes powerful by just killing slimes for 300 years.

She wants to live a relaxed, chilled life. And as she meets certain people along the way, she invites them to stay with her, building an idea of a “family” who she takes care of.

Similar to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Asuza has her own dragon called Laika who’s a sort of maid as well.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 years released in 2021.

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3. Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White With The Red Hair zen shirayuki moments e1634648009843

Snow White With The Red Hair, or “Shirayukihime” is an anime series about Shirayuki. She’s the red haired girl everyone notices.

In this world. people with red hair aren’t common. For these reasons Shirayuki can be targeted, picked on, or bullied for her differences.

In some cases, this leads to admiration and adoration.

She meets the prince called Zen, who acts nothing the typical, stuck up prince types. And the two fall for each other.

This creates problems politically, but it doesn’t matter in Zens eyes.

If you want an anime with romance and wholesome vibes, this is it. There are 2 seasons to get through.


4. Maou Yuusha

Maou Yuusha couple anime

Maou Yuusha is a play on 2 words. Maou = demon king. Yuusha = hero.

The demon king Maou and the hero Yuusha end up working together, and even getting into a relationship together.

They work to build the world around them, help those in need, give people skills so they can take care of themselves, and shape society to be fair and equal.

When it comes to business and governmental issues, Maou Yuusha is a surprisingly good series that goes unnoticed these days.

The romance and wholesome vibes are similar to Banished From The Hero’s Party as well.


5. Drugstore In Another World

Drugstore In Another World episode 9 1

Drugstore In Another World Is another 2021 Isekai series with similarities to Banished From The Hero’s Party.

Kirio, the main character, is a pharmacist with his own pharmacy. He can make a lot of things like:

  • Moisturizers.
  • Cleansing products.
  • Perfumes.

And all kinds of practical things that his customers may need or ask for.

Not too much is shown about Kirio’s past life unlike most isekai.

From start to finish you can expect to see wholesome episodes, relaxed vibes, silly comedy and more portrayed from the lives of people in the countryside.

Business is a big aspect of this series and its running themes.

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6. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear yuna sweat drop

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is about Yuna, a girl who invests in stocks, and enjoys playing VR games like Kirito or Asuna.

While playing her favorite game, a special event takes place where she gets to choose an item at random. That item ends up being a special bear suit.

Once she arrives back in the game, she can no longer return to the real world or “disconnect” from the game. She decides to make a life there for the time being.

There’s no romance (or implied romance) here like Banished From The Hero’s Party, but similar outcomes and themes do crossover.

You have action here and there, and the more important slice of life vibes that make it laid back.


7. Spice And Wolf

holo the wise wolf bite cute spice and wolf anime

Spice And Wolf is a romance classic. An anime that teaches you about money and economics unlike any other.

Kraft Lawrence, a traveling merchant runs into Holo, a wolf goddess. They both end up traveling together, sharing their knowledge, and doing business.

Kraft Lawrence has the business expertise, Holo has the wisdom and the foresight.

This leads to their romantic moments as they get closer with each other, and their bond grows throughout the series.

It’s romance without the extreme comedy or forced cliches.

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8. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn hak yona moments

Yona  Of The Dawn has violence, just like Banished From The Hero’s Party. Blood, slashing, action, murder.

The father of Yona is murdered. The culprit is Yona’s so called friend. She and her allies escape the palace and are now on the run to survive.

Hak and Yona have some implied romance here and there. And there’s even some form of reverse harem elements here.

When all is said and done, this anime has relevant similarities, solid character development, and character writing that makes it deserving of a 2nd season….

If they ever get around to it.

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