11+ Of The Greatest Anime Like Akame Ga Kill You May Fall In Love With

akame ga kill wallpaper akame sword red background

Akame Ga Kill is an anime series about assassins and is the best to ever do it.

In the anime, the MC Tatsumi has dreams of working in the capital and making money to help his village but learns of the darker, more sinister side of society. And finds out the reasons why his village is so poor and heavily taxed.

He ends up joining nightraid, a secret assassination group, and they all work to create a revolution and change the world by assassinating those in power.

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Here’s a list of anime shows just like Akame Ga Kill!


1. The Eminence In Shadow

The Eminence In Shadow cid shadow garden

One of the greatest Isekai anime series I’ve seen since the genre popped off.

The anime might make you cringe, but the comedic writing is why it stands out.

Cid Kagenou, a regular teenager who seems bored with life goes out of his way to play the role of a “protagonist” in real life. After saving a girl’s life, he later dies tragically and is reborn in another world.

This time around he plays the background character on one hand while playing the role of “shadow”, a powerful mage who creates an assassination group called Shadow Garden to eliminate certain religious groups up to no good.

The parallels between this and Akame Ga Kill as far as stealth, assassinations, brutality, violence, and blending into the environment are clear as day.


2. Owari No Seraph

Owari No Seraph yuichiro and his demon spirit e1678794117247

Owari No Seraph is an underrated anime series that still needs a 3rd season adapted by WIT studios. Both season 1 and season 2 are solid.

Yuichiro Hyakuya, a student who likes to care of bullies, ends up becoming part of The Moon Demo Company after being a lone survivor as a child slave years prior (slave to vampires).

Shinoa Hiiragi is his first point of contact and eventual teammate and best friend. Shinoa is sarcastic and lights up the anime’s mood, while other characters and parts of the plot are darker as the story’s about humans slaying vampires and trying to survive.


3. Code Geass

code geass shocked lelouch

Code Geass is one of my best anime series of all time, an absolute masterpiece when all is said and done. This Mecha was released back in the 2000s with its main protagonist Lelouch being compared to Light Yagami from Death Note.

Lelouch wants revenge against the Britannian empire, the same ones who enslaved him and the Japanese people, and he does this with the power of geass which allows him to control people through eye contact,

Betrayal, distrust, brutality, tactics and strategy, this anime is clever, dark, and may or may not cause you to hate certain characters.


4. Spy x Family

Spy x Family assassin mom

Spy x Family is a slice of life/comedy series with some small amounts of action and fight scenes. Yor, the female character above, is the “Mother” of the Forger family, an assassin in secret, and a woman who tries her best in life.

Anya Forger, the psychic daughter has powers the adopted parents are unaware of. And Loid Forger, the man who brings everyone together is a spy in secret.

Distrust, carefulness, violence on small levels, wholesomeness, and deception are all part of this anime’s charm (and story).

It has strong similarities to Akame Ga Kill in some areas.


5. Battle Game In 5 Seconds

Battle Game In 5 Seconds yuuri team

Battle Game In 5 Seconds feels like an Isekai in how it’s constructed, but the world itself isn’t Isekai related at all.

Many characters die tragic deaths, but wake up in a place they don’t recognize while forced to fight to the death after being given special powers.

Some partner up, and others don’t. Others have pure intentions, while others become more villains (despite being controlled by a main villain).

This anime has some violence, plenty of action, and is thoughtful about its use of abilities and the conditions surrounding how those abilities can be used.

It’s a shame the last half of the anime isn’t as good as the build-up.


6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul red eyes moments

Tokyo Ghoul is a savage series that doesn’t shy away from brutal scenes like seeing ghouls eat and chew through human flesh like it’s an all you can eat buffet.

Similar to the tragic elements of Akame Ga Kill, Tokyo Ghoul highlights human characters turned ghouls, and the different but emotional paths they take along the way.


7. The Executioner And Her Way Of Life

The Executioner And Her Way Of Life momo menou chan

An Isekai series like no other. The introduction, the first episode, and how the anime is written are all different. Menou Chan, the main female character (in the towel) plays two roles.

First, she’s like a messenger for the church who greets people from another world after rebirth, and 2nd, she’s really an assassin on a mission to prevent the world’s balance from being upset by “other worlders”.

Her pink-haired female partner called Momo is the Yandere of the series and an unforgiving person to her enemies in general.

The other main character is Akari, a mysterious big oppai character with black hair and a strong connection to the anime’s underlying plot.


8. Fate Zero

Fate Zero saber suit

Fate Zero is a magic/fantasy series. That’s the main distinction between this and Akame Ga Kill. The level of violence, action, visuals and well-done scenes are similar in both anime shows.

The Holy Grail War is a battle designed to make people fight to the death to grant their own very wish in the end if they survive. Random humans are chosen to fight with their own servants (from another world pretty much) who resemble historic figures from European culture.

King Arthur is one of them (turned female and renamed Saber in the pic above).


9. Claymore

Claymore claire blonde hair

Claymore goes unnoticed these days but the anime’s quality is still undeniable to this day. Made by Madhouse Studios, Claymore is about female warriors who are half human and half yoma (demon).

The name claymore is derived from a type of sword with the same name.

Claire, the anime’s main female character witnesses a tragic event as a kid and becomes a claymore because of it. Fighting to protect other humans, most of who don’t appreciate or care for the protection they get from demons trying to eat them.

The anime’s depressing in a way once you realize how their claymores live their lives, and how unfair their lives turn out to be.


10. The World’s Finest Assassin

The Worlds Finest Assassin protagonist

Another Isekai series where an assassin in this case is reborn. He dies in a plane crash after the organization that hired him for decades to assassinate people decides to kill him off as he attempts to retire.

In his new life, he decides to make decisions for himself instead of taking orders blindly without thinking about his actions. In a sense, he becomes more human and more conscious.

His family of assassins assassinate for a living, and he’s trained by the best and becomes a prodigy (unsurprising given his background) with naturally powerful abilities and skills.


11. Assassination Classroom

assassination Classroom karma smile red hair

An anime about Koro Sensei, a yellow alien who’s said to destroy the planet and the moon if he’s not assassinated in a certain amount of time.

That same alien teaches failed students to become assassins so they can kill him. The problem is Koro Sensei moves beyond mach speed.

Karma Akabane, the red-haired character is one of many protagonists and one of the anime’s favourites.

This is a comedy/action series with some emotional episodes the more you get into this 2 season series.

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