17+ GREAT Anime Shows For 13 Year Old Girls (Or Older)

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime for 13 year old girls. How do you even JUDGE something like that so broadly?

Well apart from intuition and the basics, no girl of the same age has the same tastes or the same mind.

So with that said, I’ll focus on:

  • Suitable anime for 13 year old girls.
  • Anime some 13 year old girls would be interested in.
  • Anime that aren’t excessively violent, twisted, or sexual.
  • Has characters who are good role models, inspirational, etc.

And things of that nature….

Let’s get started.


1. Liz And The Blue Bird

Liz And The Blue Bird BEAUTIFUL animation

Liz And The Blue Bird is an anime movie, not a series. It’s by Kyoto Animation and was released in 2018.

The theme is hidden in the title. The story of Liz and the blue bird plays a significant role in the actual characters in the series.

Mizore is an Oboe player (an instrument). She’s the quiet type who’s really introverted and isn’t the most expressive.

Nozome, a flute player comes into the picture and things start to take off from there.


2. A Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun T mikoto kongou

A Certain Scientific Railgun is an underrated anime series. Not to mention the franchise on a whole.

With 3 seasons, OVA’S, and light novel content, this successful series has a lot of elements most fans can come to like.

Mikoto Misaka is the main character, a celebrity, and like many, she’s an esper in a place called Academy City.

Being one of the most powerful characters in the city, she naturally ends up in fights and helps others of her own free will when she’s able.

She’s a solid female role model, is modest, has a good head on her shoulders, and is written well like many of Railgun’s characters.

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3. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun characters art

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun is a bit of a ghost series focusing on spirits, and other supernatural elements.

Hanako is a popular spirit who’s believed to be a girl, but he’s a short boy. Nene Sakura, the MC is shackled to Hanako after making a naive wish.

Expect very light romance, some intense episodes, worthwhile comedy, and some of the best anime art styles.

The anime‘s a little too short given the content and how it finishes, but there’s manga content for female fans who wanna continue the story.

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4. Bodacious Space Pirates

Bodacious Space Pirates moments anime

Bodacious Space Pirates is exactly what it sounds like. Marika Kato, the MC becomes a space pirate with a reluctant friend as they travel throughout space.

They are of course teenagers, and they’re not real pirates in the serious sense of the word.

Being the leader of the Bentenmaru, Marika makes each journey in space fun with her energetic personality and her interests in pirates.


5. Planetarian

Planetarian yumemi junker anime e1639429643251

Planetarian is about Hoshino Yumemi, a robot girl who seems to be abandoned but not in the literal sense.

A guy named “Junker” comes across a building and finds Yumemi within it. But there’s no one around but her.

She insists on showing Junker the planetarian after talking him to death, and sharing her desire to serve humans as she’s designed to do.

Where the story leads becomes more emotional and in a way, darker than expected from what you see on the surface.

It’s an anime movie everyone can appreciate, not just girls.


6. Lovely Complex

lovely complex gif funny

Lovely Complex focuses on modern stereotypes we have in society.

  • Tall girls = not feminine.
  • Short boys – not manly.

Risa Koizumi, one half of the main characters is a taller than usual girl. She’s teased for it.

Otani, the male MC is shorter than usual, and he faces his fare share of criticism.

Both characters are insecure about their unique differences, and they end up becoming interested in each other as an result.

The main thing stopping their eventual romance is the notions and ideas society has spoon fed them about what couples “should” look like and so on.


7. Slayers

Slayers dragon slave

Slayers is a classic from the 1990’s. It’s the female version of Dragon Ball Z.

Lina Inverse is the leader of this series and the main female lead. Seocndary characters are Gourry, her “knight”, and other characters like Emilia and Zelgadis.

Lina lives her own life the way she wants, travels where she wants, goes on adventures, and hunts for treasures. Usually to the point of making enemies of everyone.

The action in this series is spot on, but the comedy is in its own lane.

The 4th wall breaks and meta dialogue is one of the original influences.

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8. Ryuugajou Nanana

Ryuugajou Nanana moments episode 7

Ryuugajou Nanana is about Nanana, the purple haired girl and her “hidden” treasures.

In the main story she’s now a ghost bound to a room she can’t seem to escape or move on from. This room is in an apartment now rented out by Jugo Yama.

The long and short of it is Jugo and other characters he teams up with go treasure hunting for Nanana’s buried treasures on the island.

Each treasure has its own unique function, supernatural ability, and other mysterious uses.

It’s a pretty obscure anime.


9. Mitsuboshi Colors

Mitsuboshi Colors cute anime series 1

We all love cute things. Even the “toughest” of us all enjoy cute things in some capacity.

Mitsuboshi Colors is the embodiment of cuteIt’s about 3 kids who are committed to protecting their city.

The anime is a reminder of a time in life where everything is run by your wild imagination as a child. And all the “fun” things you do during those times.

Good anime to relax to, laugh at, and not have to take too seriously. And you can watch it with anyone.

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10. Denpa Kyoushi

Denpa Kyoushi moments anime

The Ultimate Otaku Teacher is about Junichirou Kagami, a teacher with a self proclaimed disease called Y.D.

Y.D = I can only do what I Yearn to do.

It’s a running joke but also an important life lesson from start to finish in the anime.

Many characters, some of who are introverts, and many who are girls can teach you a lot about life since the anime is littered with inspiration and motivation.


11. Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade funny moments anime

Bamboo Blade is one of the few Kendo anime shows. And it’s genuine.

Tamaki Kawazoe is one of the shortest characters of this series, and is one of the seemingly cute and innocent characters.

It’s true. Tamaki is this way, but she’s also fierce and powerful when it comes to Kendo and the sport itself.

It’s the one thing that brings out her personality, which is usually introverted and inward with her soft spoken voice.

Other female characters along with Tamaki compete in Kendo competitions and hone their skills with a male mentor.


12. Ghost Hunt

ghost hunt anime series classic

Ghost Hunt is an anime by J.C Staff. Mai Taniyama ends up working in the business by accident with Naru, a smug bastard who happens to be the CEO of a paranormal company.

For a seemingly light-hearted anime, the episodes get creepier, more disturbed, and prone to make you JUMP as the suspense starts to build up.

You’ll feel the usual nervousness that comes with horror and mystery series, but Ghost Hunt has its own style.


13. Sailor Moon

YouTube video

Sailor Moon is a classic anime series, loved by every single female anime fan it seems. And that tends to be true even for younger female fans.

This 1990’s classic paved the way for the industry’s growth, opened the door for magical girl anime, and continues to inspire girls and women worldwide.

The opening song alone is reason enough for its popularity.


14. Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth series classic

Magic Knight Rayearth is another 1990’s classic, but it wasn’t as famous as Sailor Moon. That said it’s a different anime.

It’s about 3 girls who become magic knights (warriors) after being transported to another world from Tokyo Tower.

This is one of the original ISEKAI anime series, and a definite O.G as far as its influence in 2021.

Hikaru Shidou is the tom boy, Fuu Hououji is the feminine, well spoken girl, and Umi Ryuuzaki is the “big sister” of the group.

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15. Maid Sama

Maid Sama misaki usui moments funny e1639429288911

Maid Sama is a Shoujo classic, and probably one of the most famous Shoujo there’s ever been.

It’s about Misaki Ayuzawa, a student council president who HATES men with a passion. And routinely makes their lives difficult in school with her bias.

Misaki’s father ran away from home, leaving the family with debt, and that’s the source of her hatred for men.

This changes drastically as the anime progresses, and Misaki breaks away from her bad habits and shows more of her genuine side.

Her character development is a highlight.

The romance between Misaki and Usui (a troll type of character) only makes the anime that much better as well.


16. Special A

Special A anime blush moments e1639429273939

Special A in many ways is similar to Maid Sama, especially for its art style.

The main character see’s her love interest as a rival. He’s the only one who can keep up with her as far as competition and skill in school.

This frustration causes her to focus on him, and things start from there.

The anime does have its moments and characters, like Megumi who writers her thoughts on a notepad to avoid “damaging” her singing voice.

It’s a bit comical.


17. Haikyuu

haikyuu anime cast

Haikyuu is a sports anime series that’s taken off in recent years. With about 5 seasons.

Shoyo Hinata is the main character with orange hair. Kageyama is the other MC aside from Hinata.

Volleyball is the big thing with this anime, and the characters grow with each other as they compete in school and chase after their dreams.

Quality wise, you won’t find many anime (Shounen, sports, or otherwise) that can compare to Haikyuu.

It’s a solid series with a lot of potential.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Ouran Highschool Host Club.
  • Fruits Basket.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • Free! Eternal Summer.
  • My Hero Academia.
  • Toradora.
  • Pokemon.
  • Angel Beats.
  • Inuyasha.

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Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

With all the focus this blog has had on hentai lately, I had to reread the title of this article a couple times to make sure it wasn’t about “anime” STARRING 13-year-old girls, if you get my drift!

On that note, I think Cardcaptor Sakura definitely belongs on this list, and The Day I Became a God, too. Let’s throw in Digimon, for good measure. Everybody loves Digimon!

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