Top 11 Anime Figures For Female Collectors

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How do you even define what anime figures female collectors will like?

After all if you like a figurine despite how it looks, then gender doesn’t matter, right?

That being said there is a target demographic for figurines based on gender.

And with that said, here’s what types of figurines are mentioned in this post:

  • PVC Statues.
  • Nendoroid Figures.
  • Mini Figures.
  • Action Figures/Figma

So if you’re ready to dive right in… Here are some anime figures worth considering as a female collector.


1. Haruka Nanase Free! Eternal Summer Statue

Haruka Nanase Free! PVC Statue for Sale


Haruka Nanase is first up on this list. From the sports anime: Free! Eternal summer.

Officially licensed figurine by: Chara Ani.

  • Slightly revealing chest area, similar to in the anime series.
  • Calm and charming facial expression with puppy dog eyes.
  • Water gun held in Haruka’s left arm.
  • Wet-style clothing.


2. Riku Yagami Prince Of Stride PVC Statue

Riku Yagami Prince of Stride Statue for Sale


2nd up is Riku from the sports anime series: Prince of Stride! Originally developed from a video game.

Figurine is licensed by: FREEing.

  • Riku Yagami comes in tip-top shape, showing off his sports uniform. Including trainers, jacket and shorts.
  • Warm pose with a wave and a smiling facial expression.
  • Clear display base for Riku’s figurine.
  • Cheerful persona.


3. Hatsune Miku Harvest Moon PVC Statue

Hatsune Miku Harvest Moon Vocaloid Figure for Sale


Hatsune Miku’s Harvest Moon figure is licensed by Good Smile Company.

And is part of the vocal 01 series of Vocaloid.

  • Soothing facial expression, persona and overall vibes for Hatsune Miku.
  • Clear display base.
  • Elegant dress with a touch of white and red bleeding into the clothing.
  • Illutstrated by Rella!


4. Kirito Ordinal Scale Nendoroid SAO Figure

Kirito Ordinal Scale Nendoroid Figure for Sale


Finished watching the Sword Art Online ordinal scale movie? Then get your hands on this Kirito nendoroid!

Officially licensed by: Good Smile Company.

  • Cute Nendoroid action figure of Kirito, aka Kazuto Kirigaya.
  • Full ordinal scale uniform from the successful SAO movie.
  • Multiple parts to give you flexibility over Kirito’s nendoroid.
  • Fighting stance, relaxed pose + many more for your pleasure!


5. Altria Pendragon Resort Vacation PVC Statue

Altria Pendragon Fate Extella Statue for Sale


Altria Pendragon from the Fate video games: Fate Extella!

Official and licensed by: Aoshima.

  • Altria Pendragon is on vacation in her latest swimsuit costume!
  • Figurine courtesy of the Fate Extella series.
  • Happy, bright and cheerful figurine with a contagious smile.
  • Light heels and  clear display base.
  • Flower accessory sitting in Saber’s hair.


6. Steiff x Sailor Moon Teddy Bear

Steiff x Sailor Moon Teddy Bear for Sale


Not exactly a figurine, but a teddy bear is a relevant product worth mentioning.

Officially licensed by none other than: Bandai.

  • Cute and cuddly Teddy Bear with the Sailor Moon outfit you know and love.
  • Sailor Moon crescent marking place on the teddy bears left foot.
  • Cute red ribbon bearing the sailor moon style.
  • Super high quality plush that will last you a lifetime!


7. Hifumi Takimoto Nendoroid Action Figure

Hifumi Takimoto Nendoroid Figure for Sale


Hifumi Takimoto’s the new character from: New Game! First released back in 2016.

You’ll get her Nendoroid figure licensed by Good Smile Company.

  • Cute pink-bow slippers taken straight from the anime!
  • Kawaii face plates such as Hifumi’s shy face, embarrassed face, happy expression and more.
  • Original outfit from New Game!
  • Pose Hifumi Takimotoin multiple ways to your satisfaction.


8. Tsumugi Kotobuki K-On PVC Statue

anime figures for females

Tsumugi Kotobuki K-On PVC Statue for Sale


Tsumugi Kotobuki, one of the main stars of the show: K-On!

Officially licensed figurine by: Stronger!

  • 5th anniversary statue of Tsumugi Kotobuki. Celebrating her time in the anime industry.
  • Tsumugi’s trusty keyboard is included with her figurine.
  • Red display base with the 5th anniversary text.
  • Stylish jacket taken from Tsumugi’s performance in the K-On series!


9. Gilgamesh Fate Extella Sanbi Seyo Miwaku Statue

Gilgamesh Fate Extella Top Off Statue for Sale


Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes from video games: Fate Extella. He’s also featured in Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero.

This figurine is licensed by: Aoshima.

  • Gold and black jacket, fit for the king of heroes: Gilgamesh.
  • Open jacket revealing Gilgamesh’s 6 pack stomach and body.
  • Smiling facial expression, almost as if Gilgamesh is enjoying himself.
  • Clear display base.
  • Golden pants to match his outfit.


10. Rem ReZero Starting Life In Another World Cute Statue

Rem ReZero Kawaii PVC Statue for Sale


Rem, the world famous maid and admired character from: ReZero. The top anime show of 2016!

Officially licensed by: Revolve.

  • Charming facial expression and persona that’s irresistible.
  • High quality figurine resembling the real thing from the anime series.
  • Maid outfit with Rem’s hands clenched together.
  • Clear display base.


11. Rin Tohsaka Figma Action Figure

Rin Tohsaka Rah Figure for Sale


Rin Tohsaka, one of the top mages from anime: Fate Stay Night.

Officially licensed figurine by: Max Factory.

  • Rin comes with accessories helping you perform her magic.
  • Original school outfit and a pair of glasses to equip Rin with.
  • Face plates to add depth, action and charming expressions to Rin’s look.
  • Parts right out of the box to help you recreate Rin’s actions.


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