Anime Fan With Stable Job Says Girls He Dates Are “Disgusted” With His Hobbies

Anime Fan With Stable Job Says Many Girls Are Disgusted By His Hobbies 2
Written by Theo J Ellis

It’s a hard knock life for anime fans. On the internet, you’re judged for even being a little interested in anime.

People accuse you of:

  • Being disgusting.
  • Pathetic.
  • A beta male.
  • A loser in life.
  • Pedo.
  • Pervert.

And the long list of accusations and insults that out of context haters will throw at you.

With that in mind it’s not so surprising to hear this story, straight from Singapore about an anime fan’s dilemma.


Dating girls while being an anime fan

shido date a live moments anime

According to Singapore Uncensored (edited)

“I have been working for the company for close to 5 years. I don’t spend all my incomes on anime collections or stuff. I always will put in effort to save a sum monthly and even give my parents some allowances every month.”

The author continues:

“I decided to try to go into a relationship and try dating several girls. But most often, they are sort of reluctant to support my hobbies, some even feel disgusted about it. They feel I may care for my “anime girls” more than them. But I always make it a point that I am not the type of guy that doesn’t differentiate and basically anime is just my hobbies which I hope my partner will be supportive of.”


Sounds reasonable, but people don’t see it that way

anime haters meme demon slayer

He’s an anime fan who lives his life, sometimes buys anime figures, and basically does the regular thing. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Dating girls though in Singapore it seems, many girls have the idea that he’s a nut job who can’t differentiate between reality and fiction.

They have their own ideas of what he must be like because of his harmless hobbies. And don’t give him a chance based off that assumption.

On one hand this is why some fans keep their hobbies to themselves, but on the other hand – why should you have to censor who you are to “appear” attractive to people who haven’t bothered to know who you are?

The story isn’t surprising, but it is food for thought. And maybe you can relate.


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That One Person
That One Person

Do the words, “Girls can’t watch anime” ring a bell
Where I come from that went around for like 8 years. Now pretty much everyone I meet has watched at least 20 anime series or heard of them otherwise they are a diehard fan