Beverly Hills Anime Fan Paid $13,000 In Murder For Hire Plot to Kill Woman

Anime Fan From Beverly Hills Charged In Murder for Hire Plot Of Woman

A 24 year old white American man from Beverly Hills has been charged in a murder for hire case.

The man was arrested May 21st 2021 on federal charges for putting the murder together and orchestrating what went down.

The woman in question who he attempted to murder is a woman the man dated back in 2020.


Mutual interests in anime gone wrong


” FBI agents said the website advertising murder-for-hire services is a scam, but the individual allegedly seeking a hit man believed he was legitimately corresponding with someone who would commit a murder on his behalf, and allegedly sent $13,000 in Bitcoin payments to make arrangements, according to the criminal complaint.”

It continues:

“FBI agents also identified the female victim and interviewed her, which led authorities to Berkett, the complaint read. She told agents that she had met Berkett online last year on a website for fans of an anime program, and they became friends.

She later flew to Los Angeles to visit him last October. The criminal complaint said the victim told authorities that Berkett was “sexually aggressive” during the trip. After she returned home and attempted to break off the relationship, he became “possessive,” the criminal complaint alleges.

After several months of being harassed by Berkett, a family member interceded on the victim’s behalf, calling Berkett and asking him to leave the victim alone, the criminal complaint read. The defendant allegedly agreed, but then began searching for a hit man on the internet, authorities said.”

As we can see, this was a very dangerous situation. It happened over the course of months and months, leading to creepy results.

Especially the offering of $13K just because Quinn Berkett couldn’t have his way with the woman.

If convicted, he’ll spend 10 years in prison. The case is ongoing.

Source: Beverly Press



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