19+ Anime Events CANCELLED Because Of Coronavirus (2020)

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The coronavirus is absolutely destroying the economy, and bashing physical businesses over the head with more than just a baseball bat.

The anime industry is no different and has taken left and right “Mike Tyson” punches since quarantine started.

The sad news of many voice actors deaths is just one example of what’s happening.

But I wanna focus on:

  • Anime events
  • Anime cons

And all things related when it comes to the impact of the #coronavirus.

Let’s get into it.


Anime Events Cancelled Coronavirus 2020:


1. AnimeJapan

AnimeJapan was probably the first to make an announcement back in February 2020.

At first they weren’t sure, but it turns out they eventually pulled out because of the growing risks of #coronavirus.


2. Anime Boston

Anime Boston was one of the first anime conventions to make announcements about cancellations.

This was back in March 2020 (14th to be exact).


3. Japan Expo

japan expo cancelled corona

Japan Expo on April 14th 2020 announced they’d cancel 2020 events. And move it to 2021.

This is official news.


4. Animethon

animethon cancelled

Animethon is cancelled and won’t return to 2021, just like Japan Expo.


5. Calgary Expo

Calgary Expo officially cancelled their events for 2020 and refunds are being sent out to customers.


6. Otakon

otakon cancelled e1588363574207

Otakon made their official statement on April 17th 2020. A convention based out of Washington.


7. Toronto Comicon

Anime fans in Toronto, Canada won’t be happy this year. Just like a lot of anime fans.

Toronto Comicon is officially over until further notice.


8. Otakon

otakon cancelled

Otakon has been pushed to 2021, just like some other conventions have decided.


9. A-Kon (Dallas)

A-Kon cancelled back in March, and will move to June 2021.


10. Anime Central

anime central cancelled

Anime central cancelled in March 2020, and will move over to May 2021.


11. Anime North

anime north cancelled

Anime North, just like Anime Central cancelled in March. With May 2021 being a date they’re focused on.


12. Fanime Con

Fanime Con cancelled e1588364171980

Fanime Con cancelled and will also move to May 2021 for their new convention dates.

This was back in April 2020.


13. San Deigo Comic-Con

San Deigo Comic Con cancelled

San Diego Comic-Con will return around July 2021 based on the current predictions of coronavirus.


14. Comiket

comiket cancelled e1588364449332

Japan’s own Comiket got cancelled and pushed back to an unconfirmed date. Likely in Tokyo.


15. Awesome Con

Awesomecon cancelled in April 2020. With certain items being refunded out to customers.


16. MomoCon

momocon cancelled



17. Anime NYC

anime nyc corona cancelled

Anime NYC cancelled and even though they’re not sure it’ll work, November is the next date they have planned.

Whether that happens is another story.


18. Anime Expo

Anime Expo was one of the most recent events to get cancelled, which surprised a lot of fans.

But the reality is there are probably more that will cancel as I write this out.


19. Naka-Kon

Naka-Kon cancelled in March and will return in 2021 during the same month.

You can expect MORE anime companies, conventions, studios, voice actors and so on getting caught up in the corona drama.

This won’t end for at least a few more months, unless it ends sooner.

Other anime conventions I ignored have been postponed without official cancellations, but that might change.



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