Japanese Anime Cosplayer Gets 3 Month Sentence For Exposing Booty In Public

Keijo Big Booty Girl Anime

Cosplay and how much “skin” you show and how is a thing I’ve talked about before.

Where do you draw the line? And how far is too far when it comes to expressing yourself through cospay?

Is there such a thing?

The laws in Japan seem to think so. Though she was caught in Taiwan.


Japanese anime cosplay girl sentenced

YouTube video


the Fancy Frontier manga and anime expo in Taiwan is where the cosplayer was found.

After showing some skin and exposing her booty by lifting up her skirt, she got in trouble with authorities in Taiwan.

So much trouble that she was fined and sentenced to 3 months in prison for it!


japanese cosplay girl sentenced anime convention

As reported by the Taipei Times:

“the cosplayer lifted her skirt, revealing she was not wearing any underwear, and sat for photos, fully exposing herself.”

She wasn’t wearing anything, and that only added to the problem she’s now facing.

The Fancy Frontier actually has guidelines for cosplayers:

  • Genitals.
  • Outfits revealing nipples.
  • Or booty.

These things aren’t allowed under their decency laws.

I suppose that applies even if the cosplay’d character in question is designed that way (Aqua from Konosuba, etc).

What do you think of these laws, and should they be this strict in the west?


Taipei Times

Asagawo Blog



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