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32 Anime Characters Who Are Computer Programmers

Code is written by computer programmers either for fun or for a living. They can also be hackers.

Have you ever found yourself enthralled by the operation of numerous technological gadgets and computers? Then, there’s a decent probability that you have a nerdy mind, which is fine!

Since we’re about to reveal the top anime programmers and coders, you’re in good company.


1.) Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular at Magic School)

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Tatsuya is one-half of the mysterious Mr. Taurus Silver, who is known as a brilliant engineer who upgraded CAD software by ten years in just one short year. “Taurus Silver” is in charge of Four Leaves Technology’s Third Division.

There were various uses for the name Taurus Silver. The Loop-Cast technology, for which Silver is legally famous, was created by Tatsuya when he was underage.

Without being of legal age, Tatsuya could not patent any of his innovations or advances.


2.) Itaru Hashida (Steins; Gate)

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Daru is incredibly talented and obsessed with software and technology; he can break into top-secret organizations’ mainframes and process intricate computer codes.

Daru adores creating Future Gadgets, much like Rintaro Okabe, although not quite as much as Rintaro.

Daru also has a specific idea of naming his creations, frequently including a serial and version number even when it is not essential.

Itaru’s fascination with more cultures and his perverse tendencies are two of his most defining traits, frequently to the irritation of people around him. His self-description is “Perverted Gentleman.”

Even though he doesn’t show it, Daru knows how he appears to others. He also enjoys Faris a lot.


3.) Kobayashi (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

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She is a 25-year-old office worker and regular programmer who finds herself unexpectedly sharing a home with a dragon named Tohru after taking its divine sword one drunken night.

She tends to be stoic and generous, yet when intoxicated, she can be crazy. She frequently suffers from hangovers, which forces the cast to wait impatiently for her.

She finds maids to be fascinating. Due to her lack of feminine traits, particularly her flat chest and seeming lack of libido, she is occasionally mistaken for a guy.

Unknown is the woman’s first name.


4.) Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy Despair Arc)word image 135861 4

Although Chihiro is incredibly smart, he is humble and shy. It’s simple to terrify him to the point of tears because he’s so timid and always apologizes.

But he also enjoys discussing anything associated with his career as a programmer, and he gets more animated anytime the subject is raised.

In Danganronpa, Chihiro is one of the sweetest and kindest characters because he would figuratively not hurt a mosquito if it were “hungry and might have a family.”

Even though it wasn’t his fault, he felt guilty after Leon Kuwata’s execution. In Chapter 2, as he attempted to reason with Byakuya Togami, he expressed his hatred for arguments among friends.


5.) Ryuunosuke Akasaka (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)word image 135861 5

Room 102 is home to Ryuunosuke Akasaka. He is a Suiko student in his second year. He is a hermit who hardly leaves his room and prefers to correspond with others via text or email. He created the AI program “Maid” to lessen interpersonal communication requirements.

He provides Sorata Kanda with insightful counsel and knowledge for the latter’s computer game as a subject matter expert in computers and programming. Ryuunosuke claims that his ultimate objective is transforming Maid into a genuine person.

His gynophobia, or dread of women, worsens after falling in love with Ainsworth Rita, and he will even pass out when girls touch him.


6.) Kaoru Yamazaki (Welcome to the NHK!)

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Kaoru is a devoted otaku and a rabid Puru Puru Pururin fan who studies game design at a vocational college in Tokyo. Despite being younger than Tatsuhiro Sato, he acted as the latter’s entry point into the world of 2-D escape.

Due to his social shyness, he finds it much easier to relate to virtual women than real women, which adds to his loneliness and love for them. Despite this, he normally has a calm demeanour, despite occasionally having a temper.

He is from Hokkaido, where his parents run a small farm, and he lives next door to Sato in an apartment packed with bishoujo goods.


7.) Makoto Takiya (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) word image 135861 7

Takiya appears to be a typical office worker when sober and away from the comfort of his home.

In addition to working as a programmer at Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. alongside Kobayashi, he works as a mangaka and game developer in his free time, creating and selling his creations at Comiket.


8.) Asagi Aiba (Strike the Blood)

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She works for the Manmade Island Management Corporation and is a skilled coder. She is smitten by Kojou. She is aware that the island is closely linked to supernatural people and creatures, but she is unaware that her companions are one of them.

She goes by the moniker Cyber Empress. Meiga Itogami observed that Asagi is essentially indestructible and might be the Priestess of Cain. She cannot be killed by any means while she is on Cain’s altar, Itogami Island, and the ritual ground will do everything to keep her alive.

Mogwai and her programming prowess could be connected to Cain as well.


9.) Rea Amano (Future Diary)

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Reisuke Houjou, the son of two Omekata cult members, was adopted by Rea after disintegration. When Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai arrived the following time, she smiled and informed them that Reisuke would be staying with them until he could be placed for adoption.

Reisuke, the Fifth Diary Holder who was purposefully staying at her home to murder Yukiteru and Yuno as part of the Survival Game, was unknowing of Rea.


10.) Yoshida (Higeshiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved And Took in A High School Runaway)

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Yoshida first encountered Airi Gotou when he applied to work as a programmer for an IT company five years prior. Since then, he has had a crush on her for five years before landing a date.

He immediately received a rejection from Airi after admitting his affection, who said that she already had a lover. On the way home, he ran upon a high school student sitting beneath a lamppost close to his flat.

The girl tried to woo him into having her stay over because she needed a place to stay. Yoshida rejected her advances despite being drunk and distraught and invited her to his flat instead.


11.) Ichirou Suzuki (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody)word image 135861 11

Programmer Suzuki Ichirou was forced to complete two projects over the holiday break since his junior programmer vanished just before the game’s release, leaving Ichirou with little choice but to patch all the flaws and adhere to the requirements.

His director or planner has trouble remembering his name despite only having been on the same team for a few months at most. He nearly addressed him as Satou. Since his school days, he has also gone by the name Satou.

After sleeping on his desk for almost thirty hours of debugging and verifying, he woke up in a game-like scenario, which at first made him believe it was a dream.

He entered a parallel universe as Satou, a teenager of 15 years old.


12.) Kona Furugoori (Robotic Notes)

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Kona is a very reclusive individual who spends most of her time alone in the privacy of her apartment playing Kill-Ballad or looking online for information about her missing mother.

As a result, Kona lacks even the most fundamental manners, speaks with a heavy stammer, constantly uses SMS terminology (such as “for what it’s worth” and “to be honest”), and makes references to Japanese memes.

Kona is a devoted supporter of the anime Gunvarrel, which her mother assisted in creating, and she takes offense when people criticize her mother’s work.


13.) Ernesti Echevalier (Knight’s & Magic)word image 135861 13

Ernesti has a very strong and well-known preoccupation with upgrading existing models and developing robots and Silhouette Knights. This devotion almost verges on madness, and he constantly looks for information and ideas to use.

Additionally, he is adamant that robots should only engage in combat with other robots and considers any other form of conflict offensive and unattractive.

This conviction is so strong that even if he finds new technology fascinating, like Zaladeck’s airships, he thinks it to be an aesthetic breach because additional battleships would render robots obsolete.

Despite this, he still cares about Addy and Kid, his companions. When Ernesti realized that the twins were adopted children, he supported them.


14.) Tao (Noblesse)

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Tao is a foil character in the series and a Modified Human. Like Takeo, he was a former member of the DA-5. He shifted allegiances and allied himself with Raizel and Frankenstein after learning that the DA-5 team was formed so Kranz could use their powers against them.

After informing Takeo of the truth, he persuades him to leave the Union. Ye Ran High School currently employs him as a security guard. Tao, a 24-year-old man, is extremely intelligent in technology areas, particularly in programming and hacking.


15.) Chiaki Hoshinomori (Gamers!)

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Chiaki meets Keita Amano during a game in class, but she feels awkward around him because they are both strangers. After a little awkward exchange, she informed him that her response would still be “no” if he asked her to join the game club.

She is astonished, though, to find that Keita turned down the offer and that he did so for the same reason. With this, the two overcome their anxiety and rapidly develop a connection. They discuss games frequently and even refer to one another by their first names.

The following days are spent exchanging texts or helping each other with video games. Karen Tend, who was envious, noticed this show and questioned whether or not they were dating.


16.) Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

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At Eagle Jump, Umiko is in charge of the programming department. She is incredibly severe regarding her work and wouldn’t think twice about reprimanding coworkers if she saw them slacking off.

She has a soft side, although she occasionally comes off as quite harsh and scary. Umiko, who is quite kind, will typically feel bad about herself if she believes she has made someone dislike her, like Aoba Suzukaze.

However, while Umiko feels sociable, she tends to wax lyrical about her interests, occasionally making people uneasy.


17.) Madame President (Golden Boy)

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In the first episode, she is the boss of a software business. She is a woman of strength, independence, and intelligence. She also has a great body and dresses in attractive, costly clothing.

She never hires guys because she doesn’t think being sincere with them is appropriate because of their genuine motivations. The first man to work at her office is Kintarou.


18.) Wabisuke Jinnouchi (Summer Wars)

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Sakae’s late husband’s illegitimate son Wabisuke was adopted by a generous woman when he was young. He is a Carnegie Mellon University professor and a gifted computer programmer.

The man, Natsuki’s half-great-uncle, has a special place in her heart and is a gifted Koi-Koi player like many family members.

Everyone perceives Wabisuke as cold-hearted because the Jinnouchi family rejected him because of his illegitimacy. But he harbours a strong affection for Sakae.


19.) Kazuki Fijisawa (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)word image 135861 19

With Chihiro Sengoku, Kazuki Fujisawa was a former resident of Sakurasou Dormitory and a game designer. He had been in love with her, and it was disclosed about the two of them.

He is also among those who encourage Sorata Kanda to create video games. He decides to permanently relocate to California after the anime ends and picks up his career as a skilled Japanese game designer and programmer as an American citizen.


20.) Rui Ninomiya (Gotchaman Crowds)

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Rui is an idealist who works to improve society by using GALAX to assist people only out of altruistic motives. He considers society to be defective and feels obligated to make it better.

Since people might rely on superheroes like the Gatchaman to solve all significant problems, Rui sees the idea of superheroes as a threat to his concept of an “Updated World.” Despite his increased power, he avoids using his NOTE unless necessary, such as in an emergency.

Until he receives assistance from the G-Crew, he regards X as his true buddy. Rui only chooses individuals for the Hundred who will not misuse their position of authority for their erroneous judgment.


21.) Yuzuha Mishima (Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway)

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One of the Hige wo Soru’s supporting characters is Yuzuha Mishima. Joshikousei Soshite wa Hirou series.

She works as Yoshida’s protégé and junior colleague at the IT firm but secretly harbours affection for him.


22.) Miaya Gekkougahara (Dangaronpa 3:The End of Hope’s Peak Academy-Future Arc)word image 135861 22

She is the Branch Office 7 Director and a member of the Future Foundation.

As the director, she must protect against cyber dangers and create fresh treatments for hopelessness.

She is made to play the Final Killing Game with the other Future Foundation Directors.


23.) Maiku Kamishiro (Please Twins)

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To prevent being wounded by the people he cares about, he tends to be very reclusive and stoic while treating the two possible relatives badly, frequently calling them stupid and bossing them around. Later, he becomes more receptive to them while maintaining his stern appearance.

He is a high school student and a coder. He is initially alone in the story, but Miina Miyafuji and Karen Onodera soon move in after they each follow their copies of the photo to the residence.


24.) Kaela Yoshinaga (B: The Beginning)

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Kaela is a very adept hacker who can access almost anything with enough time.

She can control a computer with the right instructions, write codes with her feet, and track anything.


25.) Hozuki Ferrari (Galilei Donna)

word image 135861 25

She is Galileo’s creator and the Ferrari family’s youngest child. Although nothing has been mentioned, there is a theory that Hozuki could hold the secret to Galileo’s Inheritance. The third child of Geshio and Slyvia is named Hozuki.

She is a quiet girl who enjoys tinkering and prefers to work on mechanical projects alone. When the interior of “Galileo” was displayed, her love for her family was evident.

Each family member has a place in the house she built because there are five beds and five kitchen utensils.


26.) Kenjirou Tateyama (Jin: Ayano no Koufuku Riron)

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Tsubomi Kido, Shuuya Kano, and Kousuke Seto are among the adoptive children of Kenjirou, whom he loves dearly. He now lives alone after losing his wife and oldest daughter, yet he still gives his all to teach students.

He is Momo Kisaragi’s summer school instructor, and he provides her with both firm and gentle supervision because he recognizes how busy she is with her new idol career.

Kenjirou appears to be very concerned about his reputation, especially with the principal of the school where he works; in fact, he will go so far as to sacrifice his sleep to prepare for a cultural festival that will take place in less than a week and comply with Takane’s demands to stay.


27.) Himawari Shinomiya (Vividred Operations)

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Himawari was a typical National Shin Oshima School student interested in technology and computers before the incident, ultimately affecting her social disposition.

One day, she was asked for assistance by a classmate who had been the victim of online bullying to try to deal with her bullies by turning off the anonymity feature in the school’s BBS system.

Himawari promised to assist in exchange for maintaining the secrecy of the plot. Still, she ultimately betrays her word. Himawari thus loses faith in other people and adopts a secluded lifestyle.


28.) Fumi Kanno (Devil Survivor 2 The Animation)

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Fumi is a technological wizard, but she might appear unpleasant and chilly because she dislikes interacting with others. She excels at science and enjoys collecting information.

When immersed in her studies, she frequently loses common sense and values. Fumi is shown to be quite confident in her abilities to excel at whatever she decides to devote time to. Still, she has a sharp disdain for explaining things in a streamlined, layman’s manner.

She especially dislikes it when people don’t understand her explanations no matter how it is given, usually referring to them as “idiots” and their questions as “stupid.”

She gets along well with Makoto and Otome and, like the other girls, develops feelings for the main character.


29.) Ran Musen (R-15)word image 135861 29

Programmer genius Ran Musen.

She despises Taketo Akutagawa and frequently accuses him of bad things happening before acting violently.


30.) Shiki Magata (The Perfect Insider)

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A brilliant coder declared not guilty of killing her parents when she was 14 because of her psychological disorder. On a distant island, she resided alone in a secluded research facility.

She ultimately admitted to having a child with her uncle, Miki, and had plotted to kill herself and Shind. She wanted to coerce Miki into adopting her identity, but the scheme backfired, resulting in Miki’s suicide.

Shiki adopted her persona before killing Shind by herself. Shiki has few grievances and exhibits little remorse regarding killing, though it is never made clear if this is because of her “multiple” identities or her lack of empathy.


31.) Tsubame Narumi (New Game!!)

word image 135861 31

During the second year of the narrative, Tsubame Narumi, a girl, joined Eagle Jump as an intern programmer. Tsubame attended the same school as Momiji Mochizuki and was raised in Hokkaido.

Since middle school, she has been studying programming. It is revealed that her parents intended for her to run their inn instead of going into the gaming business.

Tsubame works hard to persuade them to let her enrol at a vocational school. She does not receive any money. Therefore, besides working and attending school, she must work part-time to cover her living expenses.


32.) Shima Katase (Stellvia of the Universe)

word image 135861 32

Shima initially oscillates between having great faith in her prowess and doubting her ability to accomplish anything.

She is portrayed in the anime as highly industrious even though she is a natural genius.

She can accept her errors and stop believing that she must be flawless to succeed as the series goes on.

Taking Kta Otoyama’s counsel, for instance, she finds she was trying to keep track of much too much information on her ship displays following a rocky start to her training, during which she was dead last in her class at piloting.

She becomes a much better pilot as a result. She still frequently struggles with confidence, though.


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