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20 Relevant Anime Characters Who Are Born In February (Aquarius/Pisces)

Have you ever wondered about anime characters’ birthdays that are in February?

Usually in the anime series, it won’t even state the characters’ birthdays at all which makes it interesting. Their personality could represent their birthday month. Not only their personality but maybe the colour purple would be on the character design.

Here are some characters that have birthdays in February.


1. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan aot |

Mikasa is a tall woman in the anime Attack On Titan, her hair was long at the beginning of the series but she cut it short later on. She is part of the Survey Corps and she is one of the last people of her race after living with her parents.

Mikasa is one of the major characters in the series and her birthday falls on February 10th.

Her emotions are hidden away as she married someone else that isn’t Eren.


2. Rin Tohsaka (Fate Stay Night)

Rin Tohsaka religious fate |

Rin Tohsaka is a beautiful woman who puts her hair into pigtails. She is the head of the Tohsaka family and she has an older sister.

Rin is known by many names: Red Devil, Poppins of July, Red Evil … etc. In the series Fate Stay Night, she has a minor role that became a supporting role later on.

Her life is private but she is an honour student at school and she could be mischievous if she wants to be. Rin’s birthday is on February 3rd.

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3. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami kira |

Light Yagami is a high school student who found the Death Note one day. He wants to get rid of the bad guys in the world and thus he uses the notebook that he has found which was the Death Note.

Light was determined to achieve his goal with the help of the Death Note that he found besides being a good student. In the series,

Light even forgets his memory about having the Death Note as he loses it but was able to get it back in the end and his memory returns.

Hikari Yagami was supposed to be the next Kira. Light Yagami’s birthday is on February 28th.


4. Yahiko (Naruto Shippuden)

Yahiko Naruto Shippuden pain |

Yahiko, one of the main villains in Naruto Shippuden, has a birthday on February 23rd. The youngest of the Akatsuki members who was trained under Jiraiya previously.

Yahiko had the same dream as Naruto once and that was to become a leader of the village but became darker as he wanted to rule the world instead.

Yahiko uses water, fire and wind styles. He was one of the original Akatsuki members that formed the Akatsuki team.


5. Rin Matsuoka (Free)

Rin Matsuoka pretty boy |

Rin goes to Samezuka Academy and is part of the swimming team. He is the captain of the team and has a younger sister named Gou Matsuoka who goes to Iwabi High School.

Rin’s birthday falls on February 2nd and is in 2nd year. He used to live in Australia but moved to Japan under whatever circumstances.

The school that he goes to is an elite school but he is determined to beat Haruka in swimming.


6. Tala Valkov (Beyblade)

Tala Valkov redhead |

A powerful Beyblade who is part of the Blitzkrieg Boys team along with Kai Hiwatari, a former member of one of the teams.

Tala is feared by everyone and his Beyblade is Wolborg.

Tala was first seen in Russia when he and his team had to go after Kai. His birthday falls on February 8th as he is one of the minor characters in the G-Revolution season.


7. Hiruzen Sarutobi (Naruto)

Hiruzen Sarutobi naruto series |

The former Hokage of Naruto’s village, Konohagakure. He had a birthday on February 8th and he was a great teacher to the three legendary sannin. He died protecting the village leaving behind a grandson.

Sarutob can use all nature types: fire, water, wind, Earth, lightning, yin and yang. Sarutobi is a bit like Jiraiya, as he was into women and would fall for Naruto’s harem jutsu.

He became Hokage at a young age thanks to his abilities.


8. Kyoko Himeji (High School Girls)

Kyoko Himeji anime |

Kyoko is a student at Yamasaki Academy, her birthday is on February 8th. Much to the dismay of Kyoko, she is a “moron of the group” that she’s a part of and she lost weight thanks to her crush before.

She has a best friend name Ikue Ogawa and the two friends go to the same school together. She is overprotective of Ogawa and her breasts are huge, unlike the other girls.


9. Mewtwo (Pokemon The First Movie)

Mewtwo movie |

Mewtwo debuted in the early Pokemon video games: red, blue and yellow. There was an entry in a journal in a mansion stating that Mewtwo’s birthday is on February 6th.

In the early games, Mewtwo was one of the few powerful Pokemon that exists that players could catch and capture. In the anime, Mewtwo was captured by Team Rocket’s boss and was used for battle in the gym.

Not only that but Mewtwo is one of the few Pokemon that spoke to humans and has a Pokemon movie.


10. Nico Robin (One Piece)

Nico Robin stunning beauty |

Unlike any other woman, Nico has abilities where at the age of 8, she had a high bounty and her bounty price kept increasing. Nico is a tall woman and she debuted in One Piece later on in the season.

Her birthday is on February 6th and she is known by many names like Miss All Sunday or Devil Child. Nico wears different outfits in the series of One Piece but her appearance remains the same with a few changes.

She’s part of the crew after joining the Arabasta Arc and is not a powerful fighter but a major character.


11. Hikari Sanehara (Photokano)

Hikari Sanehara anime girl |

Hikari goes to Kouga Academy and she likes taking pictures as she is part of the photo club. She takes beautiful landscape pictures even though most of her pictures aren’t as good as the others she takes.

She’s mostly a loner and is also one of the major characters of the series. However, she didn’t debut until the middle of the series and her birthday is on February 12th.


12. Sai Jounouchi (Angelic Layer)

Sai Jounouchi |

Sai is the runner-up of the Kanto Regional Games as she plays Angelic Layer.

Her angel is Shirahime and her opponent, Misaki wants to beat her.

Sai’s birthday is on February 15th and her sister, Rin is one of the reasons that she plays the game. People know Sai Jounouchi as the ice machine and are one of the best players of Angelic Layer.


13. Tsutomu Komano (Chihayafuru)

Tsutomu Komano chihayafuru |

Tsutomu is a Karuta player and is a member of the Karuta club that his classmates: Chihaya and Taichi have created in school.

He tries to be his very best in academia but he ranks just right under Taichi in test scores. He isn’t very sociable and his birthday is on February 2nd, he goes to Mizusawa High School.

He doesn’t debut in the anime series until episode 7. It was thanks to Taichi that Tsutomu joined the Karuta club. Tsutomu isn’t a popular student and is one of the students that would get picked on by others.


14. Grass Wonder (Uma Musume)

Grass Wonder uma musume girl |

Not much is known about Grass Wonder as she is only a supporting character within the series.

Her birthday is on February 18th and she has won the Takarazuka Kinen. Grass Wonder is one of the best horse girls out there.


15. Aoi Yukimura (Yama no Susume)

Aoi Yukimura cute |

Aoi is a young high school student who is the main character of the anime series: Yama no Susume.

She hates heights thanks to an incident when she was little. However, after seeing her friend Hinata again, the two decided to climb a mountain together and thus that’s where the series takes place.

Aoi’s birthday is on February 19th and she is more of a loner rather than a sociable person like Hinata.


16. Tsuu Terakado (Gintama)

Tsuu Terakado gintama |

Tsuu loves singing and would sing to her family. Before she had become an idol, she was a street performer but she would try to become popular to be an idol.

Not very much is known about Tsuu Terakado. Her birthday is on February 20th and she debuted in the series on episode 6th.

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17. Fragil Tormenta (Black Clover)

Fragil Tormenta black clover anime |

Fragil’s birthday is on February 21st and her occupation is a Magic Knight. She uses magic and abilities against others in a fight.

Her appearance changes if she is possessed by an evil spirit who takes over her. In the Black Clover series, Fragil debuted in episode 75 and she lives in the Clover Kingdom.


18. Makoto Kowata (Flying Witch)

Makoto Kowata flying witch black hair |

A young high school student named Makoto is actually a new witch. Her parents wanted her to finish high school rather than being a witch as when you hit 15, she is an adult.

Her birthday is on February 22 and she is training while moving to Aomori. It was thanks to Akane that Makoto was able to use her powers.

Makoto became a full witch till the end of the series when viewers were able to see her train other trainees.


19. Margit (Shoukoku no Altair)

Margit Shoukoku no Altair anime girl blonde |

A young adult who is the Princess of Urado. She wasn’t the first princess of Urado, she was actually the fourth one. Margit has two older sisters and her birthday is on February 24th.

She doesn’t seem like the outgoing type, but she will help her kingdom by speaking up in times of crisis. Margit doesn’t appear right away either in the anime and manga, thus the audience has to wait a while for her appearance.


20. Yusuke Saeki (The Knight In The Area)

Yusuke Saeki the knight in the area anime series |

Yusuke goes to Kamakura Middle and High School, he is a good soccer player. At one point because of a tragic accident, Yusuke became the captain of the soccer team and was even scouted to represent Japan in the National Team.

Besides being an awesome soccer player, he is a genius and has a birthday on 02/25.

He was a midfielder in the soccer team when he was in middle school.

These characters do have some personality characteristics of February. It’s fun to think about when their birthday is. Even if their birthday is in February, their personality may not even match the February month or day (not always).

The next time you watch an anime series, try and watch their personality or even the colour of their outfits.


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