Anilist Is The Next In Line To Ban The Word “TRAP” Just Like Reddit

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Written by Theo J Ellis

2020 has been one of the most insane years of the 21st century. Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be stopping any of the madness from playing out either.

In a move similar to Reddit this year, Anilist, an anime database like MAL for tracking anime and manga, decides to ban the word “TRAP”.

For anyone choosing to use the word TRAP, a playful word used for describing anime characters who turn out to be a different gender, Anilist gave a speech about why you shouldn’t.

Not to mention the consequences of writing “trap” in their forums.

anilist bans word trap

The message starts with:

“To make our community inclusive to transgender and gender-nonconforming people, we will be discouraging the use of “trap” when referring to characters or people. Instead, we suggest you read over the suggested alternative terms below.

In an effort to educate the community on more suitable words, we won’t be issuing formal warnings or punishments until there are intentional repeat offenses.”

Anilist’s forum post goes on to say:

“To fully outline how we will be enforcing the use of the term “trap” on AniList from here on out:

As has always been the case, uses of the term meant to explicitly harass individuals are not allowed in any way on the site. Such uses have been and will continue to be met with warnings/bans from moderators based on the situation’s context.

When moderating slurs used on AniList, our process is to remove the slur/comment and then message the user with either a formal warning or a ban depending on the context of the usage and the user’s history. Our policy for more casual use of the term “trap” to refer to characters will be not to initially remove the term. Instead, we will leave a reply explaining the term’s history and our stance on it. This is being done in an effort to educate the community rather than punishing people who aren’t aware of the implications of the term. Upon repeated reminders of our stance, this may escalate to formal warnings or restrictions to a user’s ability to post on the site.

An exception to this is if a person sincerely self identifies as a “trap”, as is not uncommon for a person to do in the LGBTQ+ community. Using the term to self-identify will be allowed and will not be subjected to the above. This is not an allowance for a user to use the term towards characters or other users on the site; this is simply an allowance for them to sincerely self identify in something like their About Me.”


Taking a leaf out of Reddit’s book

trap anime reddit memes announcement 1

Earlier in 2020 Reddit did the same thing.

Ironically – in the comments, many Redditors gave sound arguments against the controversial ban of the word “trap”.

Even a trans person was confused by it

reddit banned trap word 1

How anime fans will react between now and let’s say, the next 48 hours on Anilist is anyone’s guess.

What do you think about this small but growing trend of “TRAP” getting banned?

Is it done with genuine intentions?


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