A Collection Of The Best Quotes From Angels Of Death (Recommended)

Angels Of Death Wallpaper Anime
Written by Anime Motivation

Angels Of Death Quotes taken from characters:

  • Rachel Gardner.
  • Edward Mason.
  • Isaac Foster.
  • Abraham Gray.

Angels Of Death is a horror/psychological anime series that has a strong start with themes similar to Death Note. The first episode is an introduction to the horror that awaits.

Rachel is a girl who’s gentle, fragile, but smart and intelligent. Isaac is the unexpected partner who’s stupid but has an interesting character.

Both of their experiences is what creates the quotes, the depth of those quotes, and ultimately the dark topics in this anime.

Let’s get into the best quotes the anime has to offer.


Angels Of Death Quotes:


Edward Mason Quotes

“Don’t you know? Graves are dark, cool, and comfy!” – Edward Mason


“The only freedom we’re given is for our actions on our own floors.” – Edward Mason


“I love building graves. See, if they’re in my graves, they’re mine!” – Edward Mason


Isaac Foster Quotes

“Now cry, scream and beg for your life! Show me the despair on your face!” – Isaac Foster


Rachel Gardner Quotes

“I’m sorry… Making you kill someone as boring as me.” – Rachel Gardner


“I wanted to achieve my own ideal. I couldn’t accept anything other than that… But the Bible told me… That it was me who would not be accepted.” – Rachel Gardner


“Don’t kill me! Not like this… Don’t kill me!” – Rachel Gardner


“Both you and I are not her play things… Killing and being killed… Are both our decisions to make.” – Rachel Gardner


“I wanted family.” – Rachel Gardner


Abraham Gray Quotes

“I saw the same human emotions I usually see.” – Abraham Gray

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