Internet Claims Ahegao Face Is Racist To Asians And Compares It To Blackface (Seriously)

uzaki chan pointing and laughing

So Ahegao Face is now racist to Asians and Japanese people.

It was even compared to blackface, a term with deep rooted racism and even slavery in America. Connected to acts of violence that are unthinkable.

Keep in mind – these claims are being made by westerners who are trying to speak for both Asians and the black community, simultaneously.

Or in other words – cultural appropriation and manufactured outrage.


twitter ahegao racist

Yes, this Tweet is real. It’s one of the original Tweets that started this shortsighted discussion.

And it doesn’t stop there either.

twitter ahegao racism

There are many points in here, which you can read by clicking the image.

When all is said and done though, you might lose a few brain cells trying to understand how this makes Ahegao “racist”.

And more importantly – how this can be compared to blackface of all things, which is disrespectful on so many levels.

The Twitter account in question made her account private, so you figure it out.

The conversations points have nothing to do with Ahegao at all.


From there it devolves into this Tweet, which is a response to someone pointing out the silliness of Ahegao being “racist”.

Keep in mind this is a western person being the spokesperson for “P.O.C” again, and using it as a weapon to push a narrative.


Twitter weighs into the “ahegao racist” convo

Exactly. Westerners with too much audacity are weaponizing the “POC” nonsense to gatekeep and dictate what OTHER cultures find offensive… When those cultures aren’t offended in the first place.

All for the sake of attention and clicks.

As you can see, even Asians and Japanese are amused by the conversation.

Ahegao face is a “sex” face everyone of all races and cultures makes when sh*t gets real. There’s nothing “racist” about that.

Why is it that the word racism is thrown around so casually in the west? Almost to the point of using it as a tool?

Or am I just going crazy?

Share your thoughts.


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