13 Adult Anime Games You Should Start Playing As A Fan Of Ecchi & Hentai

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I’m always surprised by the amount of anime fans who are interested in:

  • Ecchi anime shows.
  • Anything Ecchi.
  • Or even Ecchi/adult games.

Since a percentage of you are interested in these things… It only makes sense to share some recommendations with you, from none other than Nutaku. 

A specialist in adult anime games online.

So with that said, here are 10 games you’ll want to check out today.


Top 13 Adult Anime Games:


1. Chick Wars

This game combines the concept of role-playing games (RPG) with erotica. Where you’re able to create your own harem while you’re at it.

Link: Try It Now



In this game, you’re basically creating a “cam girl empire” of your own. With 100’s of stories to choose from along the journey.

Link: Play It Now


3. Booty Calls

Fan of dating sims? Then this is the adult anime game you’ll wanna try next.

Link: Play It Now


4. Foxynite

Foxynite is a blend of action RPG, sexy 3D girls, and fast paced battles that happen in real-time. 

Link: Play It Now


5. Non-Stop Goddess

Another RPG game, with its main focus on demons and you, the Samurai.

Non Stop Goddess is based on the Heian historical period of Japan.

Link: Play It Now


6. Cosmic Shock League

In Cosmic you’ll get to play in a card-battle style with uncensored Hentai content. While helping the Cosmic Shock Girls unlock their past and deepest sexual desires.

It’s a sci-fi/adventure game.

Link: Play It Now


7. Crystal Maidens

Join a world being invaded by powerful wizards, and play as a Crystal Maiden to fight back against evil.

This game has animated sex scenes and a leader-board to help you show off your skills to the world!

Link: Get Started


8. Pocket Fantasy

Pocket Fantasy blends retro, Manga and fantasy all into one RPG game with real voice overs and classic music you’ll recognize.

With the “intimacy system” you’ll be able to unlock sex scenes from your favorite girls and never ending adventures.

Link: Start Playing Now


9. Pocket Waifu

Who needs one waifu when you can date multiple Waifu’s at once?

In Pocket Waifu you can do just that, and customize your Waifu’s outfits and costumes.

Not to mention dozens of challenges and mini games to spice things up.

Link: Start Playing Now


10. Rumblade 

Influenced by the Sengoku Period, this adult anime game puts you up against the demon lord, Maria. Who you need to defeat with your harem of girls to save the day.

With dozens of adventures, 100’s of hours of game-play and multiplayer features, this game is bound to hold your interest and keep you entertained. While building your sexy harem!

Link: Start Playing Now


11. Sacred Sword Princesses

Sacred Sword Princesses is an action/adventure game where you get to run your own harems in a land full of virgins!

There are over 30 collectible 2d girls to choose from, create and customize to your hearts desire.And even co-op battles to make your journey a little spicier.

Link: Start Playing Now


12. Fake Lay

Fake Lay is all in the name – you get to disguise yourself a cab driver, film director, and many other roles to meet girls and get laid.

Start building your empire as a Casanova and even film the girls along your journey!

Link: Start Playing Now


13. Attack On Moe

Titan-like girls are causing mayhem in the defenseless kingdom, and it’s your job to make a difference as a hero, and save the world!

There are over 2000 stages to get through and so much more.

Befriend these sexy girls and see what happens in this cute fantasy adventure game!

Link: Start Playing Now

For more Adult anime Games, check out Nutaku


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