31+ Adult Anime Games You Should Start Playing As A Fan Of Hentai

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It’s always surprising regarding the amount of anime fans who are interested in:

  • Ecchi anime shows.
  • Anything Ecchi.
  • Or even Ecchi/adult games.

Since a percentage of you are interested in these things… It only makes sense to share some recommendations with you, from none other than Nutaku.

Specialists in adult anime games online.

So with that said, here are 32+ games you’ll want to check out today.


Top 31+ Adult Anime Games:


1. Booty Calls

booty calls nutaku game hentai hot

Fan of dating sims? Then this is the adult anime game you’ll wanna try next.


2. Hentai Heroes

Hentai Heroes 300 Girls

Enter a world of hot anime girls gone wild for sex, stimulation, adventure and exploration.

In this RPG style game, you can “level up” your girls to become better sexual performers, raise their affection, build character, and so much more to make things exciting.


3. Chick Wars


This game combines the concept of role-playing games (RPG) with erotica. Where you’re able to create your own harem while you’re at it.



Fap Ceo Babe

In this game, you’re basically creating a “cam girl empire” of your own. With 100’s of stories to choose from along the journey.

Get started!


5. Boobs In The City

boobs city game erogames hentai

A naughty FPS (first-person shooter) Hentai game where girls play water sports with water pistols!

The plot leads you where your imagination takes you.


6. Fake Lay

Fake Lay nutaku casual game

Fake Lay is all in the name – you get to disguise yourself a cab driver, film director, and many other roles to meet girls and get laid.

Start building your empire as a Casanova and even film the girls along your journey!


7. Booty Farm

booty farm nutaku games

  • Twelve unique girls to meet, explore, and unlock over 100 uncensored scenes.
  • Multiple choice conversation system with rich visual novel style interactions.
  • Feature-rich production line system with multiple elements to manage.

Booty Farm is like a different version of Booty Calls.

If you like that game you’ll love this as well.


8. Craving Quest

craving quest anime hentai game

Partner up with sexy female heroes to help them recover what has been lost. With game features like hentai mode, and plenty more in this uncensored Hentai game with 6M+ players!


9. Queen’s Libido Diary

Queens Libido Diary game

Here is a new adventure where you can play as one of the Heroes and assemble your own team of beauties!

Simply choose a formation, and the Beauties will fight yet automatically. No more waiting, you can change the battle fluctuations so rewards can ultimately fall into your hands.


10. Project QT

project QT RPG game

A black hole experiment, a gateway to another dimension and a space virus. All of these events are connected to hot monster girls as you journey through this game!

  • 8 monster girls each with their own video scene.
  • Use seduction tools to make monster girls loyal to you.

And more.


11. King Of Kinks

King Of Kinks Hentai Game

Action Adventure RPG Hentai game. The name really speaks for itself.

Strategizing, 5v5 battles, role-playing while surrounded by the hottest and best-designed girls, and relaxed gameplay with tons of stages to get through!


12. Porn Star Harem

porn star harem game

A simple Guy-For-Everything hustler struggles to make a porn website to rule them all. Until he meets his guardian Angel. Blessed with the extraordinary ability to shapeshift into every woman’s dream man, he sets out to conquer the world.

This game is inspired by Hentai Heroes by the same creator!


13. Harem Heroes

harem heroes nutaku

Create your own harem of the horniest hentai maidens and defeat opponents in thrilling sexual contests.


14. Magicami DX

Magicami Dx Magical Girls Cover

Magical Girl RPG with Hentai themes thrown into the mix? MGCM DX, a new game as of 2021, brings something a little different but familiar to the table.

The story takes place in Shibuya, Japan, featuring lots of:

  • sex scenes
  • demons
  • magical girls
  • Your own customizable magical girls
  • Auto play features

And more to explore!


15. FAP Goddess

FAP Goddess nutaku game

Puzzle/JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game).

If you want strategy and a game where you use your brain, but in a more simplistic and not over-the-top fashion, Fap Goddess is the game for you to relax, enjoy, play, and have fun with.

Use the skills of each Goddess to blast through each level and dominate the battlefield with rewards and achievements that are satisfying in every way.


16. Kamihime PROJECT R

Kamihime Project R Nutaku Game

Dark forces are once again beginning to stir, trying to bring about the second Ragnarok. The only hope that we can find is in the God Kamihime to stop them!

Popular RPG Turn based game.


17. Comix Harem

comix harem hentai game e1645871422472

Are you ready to give it your all and fight evil with the super weapon between your legs?

Enter an exciting and arousing world where comics heroines need sex to restore their superpowers!


18. Cum & Gun

Cum And Gun Nutaku Game Hentai

Cum & Gun is a third person shooter where action meets pretty girls in bikinis.

Through 3v3 waterpistol multiplayer ‘shootouts’, your goal is to coach a team of athletic hotties and turn them into the toughest cuties.


19. My Yandere Loves Me Too Much | H-Game

my yandere loves me too much hentai game nutaku

My Yandere loves me too much! Is the English localization of a Visual Novel originally created by prolific Japanese developer Norn.


20. Soul Senki

soul senki nutaku

  • Sexy anime scenes.
  • Multiple sex positions for each girl.
  • Over 50+ girls to unlock, completely uncensored.

Save the world from being dragged into war, and experience a world of beautiful animation and girls.


21. Duel Princess


The stages of each player are made up of multiple grids. Players will need to fight the typical, moderately hard, but mainly easy enemies that appear in each square.

The latter enemies are made up of many bosses and are quite difficult.


22. TenkafuMA

Tenkafuma Nutaku Game Hentai

Hysterical plots!

Don’t worry about saving the world or doing anything else that’s not fun. Just enjoy yourself. Follow Caesar and break every rule! Conquer every obstacle in your way!


23. Like Heroes

Like Heroes Nutaku Game Hentai

Like Heroes is an erotic competitive match three game where you will develop a super hero agency and compete against other people for popularity.

Help the girls reach their full potential and save the world.


24. Busty Biz

bustybiz nutaku hentai game e1633814247563

The hottest kind of family business in history, and you get to build your own saucy empire around it.

That’s right, we’re talking about the porn business!

Become king of the porn business, develop your management skills, and more in this idle clicker style game. With babes of all shapes and sizes.


25. Mist Train Girls X

Mist Train Girls X Nutaku Game

The continent of Iris Cloud became shrouded in a thick mist. in the mist that spreads around the world trees, which develop on the borders of each country where depraved monsters lie to and assault people.

Gather a harem of army girls and take them on an journey to rid Iris Cloud of the depraved Mist that envelopes it!


26. Chick Empire

chick empire nutaku hentai game e1633815926365

Get ready for this Kinky turn based strategy game, developed by the maker of Chick Wars! Which is featured earlier on this list.

This game takes place from the streets of LA where you can build your own strip clubs, and other elements of the porn industry.


27. Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet

Tsundere Idol My Personal M Pet hentai game

Follow the story of Kota, a mild-mannered student in Japan who is a fan of the up and coming Tsundere Idol sensation Rui Kurumizaka!


28. Rebel Spirit

rebel spirit nutaku game hentai

The main character is a graduate of the prestigious magic academy.

He has to teach three students his magical style, but this time he has more to teach than just magic!


29. IxShe Tell

Ixshe Tell Game Nutaku

From its founding over one hundred years in the pastthe scholars of this academy have suffered the oppressive yoke of the faculty‘s ban on romantic relationships.

However, that century-antique subculture has subsequently come to an stop!


30. Hentai Clicker

hentai clicker nutaku

Fight the mist as a hero and help all the girls get orgasms once again.

Rare heroines who show up to your office will even join your harem in exchange for some pleasure.


31. Koikari Love For Hire

Koikari Love For Hire Game Nutaku

Due to family circumstances, Yuki has only one belief: money will make his little sister happy.

Yuki, already a hard worker, has a shortcoming is that he has to work overtime jobs. Wanting to make it easier for his little sister, he works part-time jobs night and day.


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