83% Of Indians Like Anime More Than Alternative Animated Content (Facts)

Written by Theo J Ellis

In the latest news from the Indian Times, a new study/survey was done relating to:

  • Indians.
  • Anime.
  • Alternative animation content.

And how much Indians like either vs the other, and how much so in comparison.

Well, one of the latest surveys shows Indians love anime so much they’re BIASED towards it than any other form of animation.


Indians favor anime 83% compared to 17% for other animation


This is no surprise to me. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years and Indians are one of my biggest:

  • Readers.
  • Supporters.
  • Subscribers.
  • Followers.

And visitors to this site, including social media.

You Indians love anime to death and there’s no disputing it compared to a country like the UK where I am.


Breaking it down even further

The official numbers:

  • Naruto (48%).
  • Death Note (38%).
  • Attack On Titan (38%).

CHENNAI: A survey by digital entertainment company JetSynthesys has found that 83% of the individuals were biased towards Anime across all animated content options, with 48% favouring Naruto, 38% voting for Death Note and 38% inclined towards Attack on Titan, making these the top three favourites in India.”


84% of Indians willing to buy anime merchandise

“84% of the participants indicated that they were willing to invest in merchandise and would pay a substantial amount for the same, showcasing a high demand but a supply shortage of homegrown players in this category.”

Even though this isn’t too surprising, it does put a stamp on it as far as numbers, data, and statistics. Even if just a survey (which aren’t too grand as far as participants).


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