6 Anime And Manga Series Fans Are In Love With, According To Google Trends (2017)

As 2016 starts to come to an end, this will be the last blog post of the year.

And then 2017 will jump into the picture, while 2016 says it’s goodbye’s and farewells.

Right now – Anime’s like Yuri on Ice are popular, and is the main thing that’s brought up in conversation.

As well as shows like Re:Zero (which beat Yuri on Ice for popularity).

There are other anime’s and Manga’s out there, too.

But Google Trends tells us neither anime are the most searched at the moment.

In fact, here are 6 Anime And Manga Series Fans Are In Love With, According To Google Trends…. 


1. Tokyo Ghoul Manga Series

Tokyo Ghoul, is you guessed it – based in Tokyo. And Tokyo city is infested with creatures known as Ghouls who need to eat humans to survive.

The Anime series is popular, so this should come as no surprise.


2. Dragon Ball Super

This one shouldn’t surprise either. Dragon Ball Super has come a long way from where it began.

And besides, the Dragon Ball Series is one of the highest selling series of all time. And most loved Anime shows of all time.


3. Attack On Titan Manga Series

Attack On Titan Manga Series? You might be wondering. After all, the main thing that’s being talked about is the upcoming 2nd Attack On Titan season. Out in 2017.

But it seems the Manga is loved as much as the hype surrounding the upcoming Anime series!


4. Assassination Classroom Comic Series

That’s right! The Assassination Classroom Comic series is popular right now. According to Google Trends at least.

The Anime series is unique in itself. And one of the best Anime’s out there. But that’s just 1 Anime fans opinion!


5. Haikyu!! Manga Series

Haikyuu is a volleyball Anime series. And as far as average ratings go, Haikyu is one of the highest.

In fact, on website – MyAnimeList, the Haikyu manga series is rated higher than the Anime.


6. One Punch Man Comic Series

And at number 6 – it’s the undefeated Saitama from One Punch Man!

The anime was released in 2015. But the manga/comic series started back in 2012. 4 Years later (2016) it’s obvious the One Punch Man comic series is loved by many fans worldwide.


Source: Google Trends

Which anime series on this list are you a fan of? 



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    Haikyuu is a basketball anime? Are u kidding me

    Its a volleyball anime

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