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All Of The Best 5 Centimeters Per Second Quotes That Will Tug On Your Heart Strings

5 centimeters per second wallpaper
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5 Centimeters Per Second quotes taken from:

  • Takaki Toono.
  • Akari Shinohara.
  • Kanae Sumida.
  • Risa Mizuno.

5 Centimeters Per Second is an anime movie with some of most impressive animation ever seen.

And for some fans, the movie is a classic in the romance genre.

Here are all the best quotes taken from this short movie to remember it by.


Takaki Toono Quotes

takaki toono quotes

“At what speed must I live…to be able to see you again?” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 1

“And bit by bit, you’ll keep changing.” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 2

“Reality is brimming over with beautiful things, scintillating feelings. How many of them have I been missing?” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 3

“Because the letters had already lost their meaning. Unable to grasp each other’s present, shying away from the truth that threatened our bond, from our utter estrangement. They had become nothing more than insipid rows of empty words.” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 4

“The things I had to tell her…The things I hoped she would listen to…There were so many of them.” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 5

“It must really be a lonelier journey than anyone could imagine. Cutting through absolute darkness, encountering nothing but the occasional hydrogen atom. Flying blindly into the abyss, believing therein lie the answers to the mysteries of the universe.” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 6

“My heart has been…how do I put this…it’s like I’ve lost my resilience. That sense of fulfillment, of being move when I look at something beautiful, my enthusiasm — was being whittled away.” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 7

“I don’t quite understand yet what it really means to grow up. But what I want is to be a person who won’t disappoint you if we happen to meet somewhere, someday a long time from now. I want to promise you that.” – Takaki Toono


takaki toono quotes 8

“To hold on to that feeling even if we’d be far apart. That became my compass in life.” – Takaki Toono


Akari Shinohara Quotes

akari shinohara quotes

“Clouds are a bunch of tiny droplets that get bigger bit by bit as they slowly descend, before turning into rain or snow and falling to Earth.” – Akari Shinohara


akari shinohara quotes 1

“Hey… They say it’s five centimeters per second. The speed at which the sakura blossom petals fall… Five centimeters per second.” – Akari Shinohara


akari shinohara quotes 2

“What are you thinking of in a place I’ve never been? Are we just a memory now?” – Akari Shinohara


Risa Mizuno Quotes

Risa Mizuno quotes

“I hope we meet again, in some new way, as new people, and that something new starts.” – Risa Mizuno


Risa Mizuno quotes 1

“At least as I am…I can only wish you but not grant you happiness.” – Risa Mizuno


Risa Mizuno quotes 2

“I just started to envy the ones who had real ambitions.” – Risa Mizuno


Risa Mizuno quotes 3

“The chains of your past made you who you are now.” – Risa Mizuno


Kanae Sumida Quotes

Kanae sumida quotes

“He’s always looking past me, at something far off in the distance. And he’ll never look at me. Not ever.” – Kanade Sumida


Kanae sumida quotes 1

“The happy moments come often, but so do the painful ones.” – Kanae Sumida


Kanae sumida quotes 2

“Having people tiptoe around me is just kind of painful.” – Kanae Sumida


“You’re not that young anymore, but you’re still pretty free. Have some adventures while you can and then start to figure things out.” – Kanae Sumida


Kanae sumida quotes 3

“The feelings you’ve been hiding from me…the things you’d never want me to see. Show them to me.” – Kanae Sumida


Kanae sumida quotes 4

“Just looking at him made my heart pound and hearing his voice made it soar.” – Kanae Sumida


Kanae sumida quotes 5

“I think I do like the sky in Tanegashima better. On the island, time barely flows, but the clouds zoom by at such an amazing speed. So tough and full of life, like rowdy kids. And sometimes, a rocket comes to visit.” – Kanae Sumida


“For you, Toono and Tokyo are shining at a distance, far from you and the island. They’re symbols of a wish beyond reach.” – Kanae Sumida


Kanae sumida quotes 6

“I’ve learned that no matter how far away, if I really go after it, I can find a way to connect.” – Kanae Sumida


“A rocket desperately hurling through the blackness of empty space, farther and farther, to dizzying distances, to the unknown. Desperately chasing after it — a much slower rocket.” – Kanae Sumida


“To get my clock ticking, I fly at a thousand kilometers per hour across a sky and sea I don’t know.” – Kanae Sumida


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