10 Powerful Anime Quotes From 10 Anime Swordsman

10 Powerful Anime Quotes From 10 Anime Swordsman Characters E1470135778221

Swordsman in this case also means Swords-women. Just thought that was worth pointing out!

Swordsman mentioned in this post:

  • Kenshin Himura.
  • Shana.
  • Inuyasha.
  • Satsuki Kiryuin.
  • Sesshomaru.
  • Erza Scarlet.
  • Busujima.
  • Kirito.
  • Byakuya Kuchiki.
  • Kisuke Uruhara.

The great thing about these Swordsman is not just how skilled they are.

No, it’s their fighting spirit, their personalities, and their ability to lead and be an example to others.

As well as the reasons behind why they protect, defend and fight for what they believe in.


10 Powerful Anime Quotes From 10 Anime Swordsman


1. Kirito Quotes

10 Powerful Anime Quotes From 10 Anime Swordsman Characters
“Everybody can fight. It’s just a choice of whether you should.” – Kirito


The lesson here is – not every fight is worth fighting. If there’s a good reason to, then by all means do it.

But there’s always a price to pay, and you have to decide whether it’s worth paying that price.

Or If any good will come from it.


2. Shana Quotes

Shana quotes
“Those who rely on “someday” will only grow weaker and lowlier.” – Shana


“Someday” never comes.

If you want to get something done, do it now. If you want to pursue your dreams, get started today.

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3. Kisuke Uruhara Quotes

10 Powerful Anime Quotes From 10 Anime Swordsman Characters
“A warrior who has lost his ability to fight is only going to get in the way.” – Kisuke Uruhara


This goes for anything and everything.

If you’ve lost that spark, drive, determination, courage or confidence… You’ll become a burden to yourself.

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4. Inuyasha Quotes

Inuyasha Quotes E1471175365137


Complaining is draining.

If you’ve got two legs, two arms, and you’re in good health, what’s stopping you?

Don’t complain or make excuses. Get up and make it happen because you’re more than capable.


5. Erza Scarlet Quotes

Erza Scarlet Quotes E1470220797255


6. Kenshin Himura Quotes

Kenshin Himura Quotes 1
“You can die anytime, but living takes true courage.” – Kenshin Himiura



It’s easier to just give up and die from the inside out, than it is to be courageous and live the best life you can live.


7. Busujima Quotes

Busujima Quotes E1470220676596


8. Byakuya Kuchiki

10 Powerful Anime Quotes From 10 Anime Swordsman Characters
“Arrogance destroys the footholds of victory.” – Byakuya Kuchiki


9. Satsuki Kiryuin

11 Satsuki Kiryuin Quotes That Are Meaningful And Inspiring
“My actions are utterly pure!” – Satsuki Kiryuin


Always stay true to yourself.


10. Sesshomaru

9 Sesshomaru Quotes From Inuyasha Anime
“Can It be that I’m afraid, or is it merely I know not my own limit?” – Sesshomaru


Fear is natural. We’re all afraid of something. Instead of running away from your fears, accept it.

Then you’ll be able to overcome it.


What quote would you have added to this list? And from which Swordsman?



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